Reveal the secrets of a healthy bedroom!

Reveal the secrets of a healthy bedroom!

Do not choose too thick carpets, too thick carpets are easy to accumulate dust, if you must shop, remember to use a vacuum cleaner every month.

Heavy curtains are also a great place to store dust, so it’s best not to use them.

This is a battle with dust, the purpose of which is to completely destroy their nests and prevent them from breeding in their rooms.

  We spend 1/3 of our day in sleep.

When we are asleep, many organs of the body are still busy working to purify the blood, heal the wounds, and prepare for new skin the next day.

At this time, the human body is more sensitive to the external environment for many years than during the day.

Therefore, creating a healthy bedroom is very important for everyone involved.

  Key words of healthy bedroom: environmental protection bedding should choose pure cotton, pure wool products or pure hemp fabrics as much as possible, and try not to use synthetic materials.

  The floor should be made of non-polluting materials. A high-quality wooden floor is a better choice. It can also be covered with a soft and easy-to-clean wool rug, which is beautiful and comfortable.

  Do not choose too thick carpets, too thick carpets are easy to accumulate dust, if you must shop, remember to use a vacuum cleaner every month.
  Heavy curtains are also a great place to store dust, so it’s best not to use them.
If you can’t do regular cleaning, sturdy and breathable shutters are also a good choice.

  Key words of healthy bedroom: clean the house at least once a week.

This is a battle with dust, the purpose of which is to completely destroy their nests and prevent them from breeding in their rooms.
Dust particles can cause diseases such as high blood pressure, cough, and congestion, especially in children.

  Wash your bedding at least once a week with warm or hot water.

You can also cover the bed with cotton sheets during the day to prevent dust from falling on it.

  Don’t let your pets, especially long-haired animals, enter the bedroom.

Because they have a lot of bacteria on their bodies, their hair and even the surrounding air.

  Regularly clean the air vents and exhaust pipes in your home.

These are the main channels for transmitting bacteria.

  Do not smoke indoors. The smoke emitted during smoking will easily cause dust in the air to stay.

  Do not spray air fresheners or perfumes into the air.

If you are not allergic to pollen, it is best to buy a few pots of flowers to decorate the house and keep the air fresh.

Drinking rice porridge often can prevent colds

Drinking rice porridge often can prevent colds

Drinking rice porridge often can prevent colds, but pay attention to the temperature when drinking porridge, not too hot, so as not to hurt the mucous membranes, and not too cold, so as not to affect the efficacy.

  Especially in winter, more and more people get colds.

Most of these colds are caused by wind chills. Experts suggest that you usually drink more porridge, especially some porridges that have a therapeutic effect and added special ingredients, which is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of colds.

  The air is cold in winter, especially the temperature difference between day and night.

There are very few cold and wind-heat types in winter, and they are mostly caused by wind chills, manifesting as fever, chills, and no sweat.

For the elderly, they usually do not pay attention to the prevention of colds, or receive colds without timely treatment. The harm is particularly great, which will reduce the body’s resistance and aggravate other diseases such as chronic bronchitis, hypertension, and hypertension.

  When you have a cold in winter, you can eat hot porridge, which will help you sweat, dissipate heat, dispel the cold, and promote the cure of the cold.

At the same time, people have a bad appetite after a cold and a bad digestive system. Drinking porridge can promote absorption.

In addition, some medicines are also very irritating to the stomach and intestines, drinking porridge can protect the gastric mucosa.

  Rice is best for winter porridge.

Because rice is sweet and flat, it has the effect of replenishing qi, nourishing the spleen, strengthening the bones and bones, and the five internal organs, while other rice, such as millet, millet rice, and barley are all sweet and slightly cold foods, which are not very suitable for winter consumption.
  In addition, when cooking porridge, you can also add some special ingredients with therapeutic effects. Professor Gan recommends the following porridges: Ginger Su Ye Porridge: Ginger is the best “weapon” for fever, sneezing, sputum and other symptoms.It is also a medicinal material commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has the effects of expectorant, cold, qi, acne, and asthma; Su Ye also has the function of diverting the cold, which can be bought in general pharmacies.

The specific method is: 10 grams of Su Ye, 3 slices of ginger, boil the white porridge and put it in the pot, and then eat it.

  Ginger Jujube Porridge: The effect is similar to ginger Su Ye porridge.

The method is: put the rice in the pot, simply dry fry, add water, stir the rice with a spoon, add jujube and ginger slices, cook slowly over low heat until the porridge is cooked, add salt.

It should be reminded that these two kinds of porridge have a strong warming effect, which is not suitable for young children, people with severe bloodshot eyes and people with hemorrhoids.

  Almond porridge: about 20 almonds (peeled), 50 grams of rice.

When processing, first cook porridge, add almonds when cooked, continue to cook, then add some sugar or salt.

The porridge can relieve cough, asthma, expectorant and dryness.

  Windproof porridge: 15 grams of windproof (available in pharmacies), 2 green onions, 3 slices of ginger, 50 grams of rice.

Cook the rice first, add windproof, scallion, and ginger when it is ripe, and add salt.

The porridge can clear heat and expel wind, disperse cold and relieve pain, and is suitable for cold chills and fever caused by colds and colds, sore joints, heavy nasal congestion, bowel diarrhea, and other substitutes.

Recommendation: Four diet recipes for auntie liver

Recommendation: Four diet recipes for auntie liver

At present, more and more people get auntie liver. There are many reasons for auntie liver, including some bad habits in daily life.

Especially for office workers, the number of people who get auntie liver is mostly.

So, what are the treatments for auntie liver?

The following Chinese medicine recommends 4 auntie liver diets to keep you away from auntie liver.

  Aunt liver diet side 1: Hawthorn barley porridge Ingredients: 25 grams of hawthorn, 50 grams of barley.

  Practice: Boil rice and hawthorn 2: 1 ratio.

Hawthorn is completely appetizing, and it is also good for digestive tract digestion, removing the aunt from the body.

Hawthorn rice is delicious and does not add to your aunt.

Efficacy: If you continue to take it for 1-2 months, you can eliminate the excess aunt accumulated in the body.

Hawthorn tea can also be used. Hawthorn tea is refreshing and natural, with good sour and sweet taste.

  Aunt ‘s liver diet therapy recipe 2: Angelica aloe vera tea ingredients: 30 grams of cassia seed, 15 grams of angelica, 30 grams of aloe, tea content.

  Method: first soak in water, then fry the above 4 flavors with water, then fry for 20-30 minutes, drink twice a day.

Efficacy: Treatment of obese liver can also effectively improve the status of excess nutrition and enhance physical fitness.

  Aunt Liver Recipe 3: Ingredients for cellulite weight loss tea: 6 grams of green tea and 2 grams of rhubarb.

Use boiling water and drink as you like.

  Recipe: Tea has the effect of increasing vascular elasticity, reducing plasma, and preventing mild liver.

Caffeine and theophylline of tea can directly stimulate the heart, expand coronary blood vessels, and directly expand peripheral blood vessels.

Tea polyphenols in tea can inhibit the increase of serum total cholesterol, trialdehyde glycerol and low-density protein plasma levels, and have a significant inhibitory effect on the increase of atherosclerosis index.

  Rhubarb has the effect of lowering serum cholesterol. Rhubarb’s anthraquinone derivatives are effective ingredients for diarrhea, so it can relieve heat and laxative, clear heat and dehumidify.

In addition, rhubarb has obvious protective effects on experimental liver injury.

  Aunty liver diet 4: Kelp burnt fungus materials: 250 grams of fresh kelp, 40 grams of black fungus, 100 grams of celery, 12 grams of vinegar, 4 grams of refined salt, 3 grams of MSG, 8 grams of white sugar, 10 grams of light onion, 5 slices of gingerGrams, cooking wine 20 grams, raw oil 25 grams.

  Method: Wash the kelp, cut it into strips about one centimeter wide, and boil it with boiling water.

Cut the shallots on white, wash and cut the celery.

The black fungus has water, picks up impurities, and cleans it.

Heat up the pan, stir-fry the onion, ginger slices, pour kelp, fungus, add sugar, balsamic vinegar, refined salt, cooking wine and vegetarian soup for half an hour, pour celery, MSG, and serve on the plate.

  Recipe: Kelp cold, rich in taurine can reduce cholesterol in blood and bile, kelp food fiber alginic acid can also inhibit the absorption of cholesterol and promote its excretion.

In addition, calcium in kelp basically inhibits cholesterol absorption and can lower blood pressure.

Some experts suggest that eating kelp once a week, three times laver, and drinking green tea every day have a good effect on complications of liver and hyperlipidemia.

  Black fungus has a sweet and flat taste, functions to nourish the stomach, promote blood circulation, moisturize, lower blood pressure, and cool blood.

Auricularia auricula can inhibit platelet aggregation, reduce blood clots, prevent coronary heart disease, and lower lipids and blood pressure.

Pharmacological tests have confirmed that celery has a significant antihypertensive effect and accelerates accelerated decomposition.

Diabetes snapshot pose can see your psychological secrets

Diabetes snapshot pose can see your psychological secrets

When looking at photos, everyone likes to comment on poses and expressions.

Some careful people will find that many people pose similarly no matter what the background.

As everyone knows, unless carefully researched and corrected POSE, and poses according to the photographer’s prompts, this square-inch image can reflect your current position and mental state.

  Hold your chest with both hands-a defensive person who is not close to you. This kind of person often starts a business or has just started, and has confidence in the future, but there is no sense of certainty that everything is under control.

This gesture implies self-protection, encouragement and support, and is not offensive.

  Sagging hands, slightly fisting or hemming the bottom of the pants, stiff body, straight back or slightly inward receding — a careful and retreat-type person who is not confident in himself or fears being looked down on by people around him.Always sit back and side, unless you are named, approach the focus of everyone’s eyes.

This kind of person is very concerned about the opinions of others, but because of his introverted personality, likes to be alone, he often has poor communication with others.

  Or with hands on hips, or hands with back clipped back, lift your belly, or lean on one object with one hand on hip, lean on one object, in short, raise your jaw, eyes are firm, and your feet are steadily increasing.Distinguished people are usually in the prosperous period of their careers. They have a lot of experience in life and have a lot of confidence or control over themselves. Therefore, the person who shoots may be their subordinates or students or people who respect him or her.

  Stretching your body and smiling naturally—This type of person who laughs at life may be very satisfied with the status quo at this time, or whether he is extremely Thai and can laugh at the ups and downs of life.

  There are not too many expressions, but it is not that the limbs are tight and the expressions are stiff-a serious and cautious person may be a business family with peace and stability, or it may be a serious and cautious performance of the career and family.

Nervous breakdown massage therapy

Nervous breakdown massage therapy

Insomnia, dreams, groggy, bad memory, easy to distract, irritated, stunned, tinnitus. What happened during this time?

Gastrointestinal discomfort, fever, cold hands and feet, panic in my heart, breathlessness, uncomfortable. I won’t get any serious illness?

Often people complain without fear.

However, after careful examination by doctors, it is found that the current people are suffering from neurasthenia!

The neurasthenia caused by high-tempo, high-stress life has indeed led to many people. However, mastering the following self-massage method can alleviate these symptoms.

  Point 攒 bamboo, 揉 forehead, press 揉 Baihui: take the sitting position or lying position, first use the double thumb to hold the 攒 bamboo point (brow sag), slowly exert force, about 1 minute, to have a partial acid sensation;Then use the big fish to rub the forehead, about 2 minutes; the last double middle finger is forced to squat for about 1 minute at the Baihui point (the center of the head).

  Five fingers take the head: Five fingers open, from the forehead to the back, force dozens of times.

  Abdominal: Take the supine position, the palms of the two are stacked, with the center of the gods (navel) as the center, in the middle abdomen, the lower abdomen, in the clockwise direction, with a sense of heat in the abdomen, about 2 minutes.

  Point suffocating sea, Guan Yuan: The patient takes a sitting position or a supine position, and uses the thumb or forefinger to resist the sea of air (under the umbilicus 1).

5 inches), Guanyuan (3 inches below the navel), slowly twitching, 1 minute per hole.

  Press 揉三阴交: Take the seat, bend over, use the thumb of both hands to hold the double Sanyinjiao points (3 inches above the inset), press firmly for 2 minutes.

Doze in the afternoon, take a nap in science

Doze in the afternoon, take a nap in science

The fierce social competition and the accelerated pace of life will inevitably lead many people to work and have no time to take care of lunch break.

In fact, after a morning’s work and study, the human body consumes too much energy. Taking a nap after lunch can effectively compensate the human brain. Physical energy consumption is a great substitute for health.

  From a physiological point of view, the excitement of human brain cells can generally last 4?
After 5 hours, it will go into a suppressed state.

Especially after lunch, the blood supply of the digestive tract is significantly increased, and the blood supply of the brain is significantly reduced, resulting in a corresponding decrease in the oxygen and nutrients entering the brain with the blood flow. Therefore, the body’s circadian clock appears a sleep rhythm, which makes people feel debilitated, Sleepy feeling.

At this time, the body needs to make short-term adjustments to eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength, and stabilize the balance of nervous system functions.

  ”Siesta” is the most recommended “healthy living habits” by experts, which can not only significantly improve immunity, but also quickly relieve boredom, and improve mood and energy.

  Stores in Spain close at 2:30 pm and open again at 5 pm.

It turned out that the Spaniards took part in the “Siesta Movement for All” for two and a half hours every day for everyone to have a good nap.

  In the United States, “learning siesta” has become the latest fashion, and many companies have expressly stipulated that employees are encouraged to take a nap during the noon, gradually invigorate their spirits, and cope with more work in the afternoon.

  Afternoon Snoring 3 Great Benefits1.

Higher immunity Immunology experts say that in order to help digestion after lunch, the body will automatically switch to parasympathetic nerve conduction. At this time, taking a short sleep can more effectively stimulate the lymphocytes in the body and enhance the immune cell activity.


Cardiac Overstrength Spanish medical research shows that siesta for 30 minutes a day, the hormone secretion in the body is more balanced, and the incidence of cardiovascular diseases can also be reduced by 30%.


A better mood for psychologists at Harvard University in the United States wrote a report published in the latest issue of Natural Neuroscience, showing that snoring in the afternoon can improve mood, reduce tension and relieve stress-the effect is like falling asleepSeconds all night (8 hours) So how do you take a nap scientifically?

  First of all, siesta should not be too long, preferably within 1 hour.

  Physiological studies show that human sleep is divided into two stages of light sleep and deep sleep.

Normally, people fall asleep at 80?
After 100 minutes, it gradually changed from light sleep to deep sleep.

During deep sleep, the inhibitory processes of the brain’s central centers are significantly strengthened, many capillary networks in the brain tissue are temporarily closed, cerebral blood flow is reduced, and the body’s metabolism level is significantly reduced.

If people suddenly wake up in the deep sleep stage, the deeper inhibition process in the cerebral cortex cannot be lifted immediately, and the closed capillary network cannot be opened immediately, which will inevitably cause a transient insufficient blood supply to the brain and a temporary function of the autonomic nervous systemThe body is very nervous and uncomfortable.

This discomfort will last for about 30 minutes before disappearing.

It can be seen that the siesta time is not as long as possible, but it should be within 1 hour. This can effectively eliminate fatigue and prevent you from falling asleep too hard to wake up.

  First of all, it is not advisable to take a nap immediately after a meal.

  Do not sit or lie down immediately after meals. Stand properly for 30 minutes, during which you can wash dishes, place flowers, etc.

Then walk downstairs for 30 minutes to help digestion.

Then you can sleep, it is best to only sleep for 30 minutes, many friends said that after a nap, it hurts.

But I still want to sleep after sleeping, and my head hurts a lot because of the lack of oxygen in your head.

Because the stomach is full of undigested food after lunch, and then immediately lying down and overturning causes a feeling of fullness.

The correct way is to do some light activities after lunch, such as walking, rubbing your abdomen, etc., and then taking a nap, which will help the digestion and absorption of food.

  Third, pay attention to sleeping posture.

  It is often seen that someone is napping while sitting in a chair or sofa while nap, and some people are lying on the table and sleeping.

In fact, these practices are not scientific.

When the body is sleeping, muscles relax, heart rate slows, blood vessels dilate, blood pressure decreases, and blood flowing into the brain is relatively reduced.

Especially after lunch, the breakthrough blood enters the body. At this time, if you sit and sleep again, the brain will be deprived of oxygen for a long time, which will cause people to feel discomfort such as head weight, fatigue, and soft legs.

Lying on the table and sleeping will compress the upper and lower, obstruct breathing, and increase the burden on the heart and lungs.

It is generally believed that the sleeping position is the right position, because it can reduce the burden on the heart and increase blood flow to the liver, which is beneficial to the digestion and metabolism of food.
But in fact, due to the correction of the nap time, it is not necessary to force the sleeping to the left, to the right, to lie flat, as long as you can fall asleep quickly.

Pigeon Baby Multi Effect Nourishing Gel

Pigeon Baby Multi Effect Nourishing Gel

Product name: Pigeon Baby Multi Effect Nourishing Gel Cream Manufacturer: Pigeon Baby Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Net content: 45g Product price: 22.

Product introduction of 00 yuan: using imported medical grade high purity white vaseline.

Particularly suitable for protecting the delicate and sensitive skin of infants and young children.

Licorice extract with Vaseline supplement.

Prevents skin dryness, roughness and redness.

  Main Ingredients: White Vaseline, Licorice Extract Ingredients: Apply an appropriate amount to the skin.

  Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature for storage and transportation.

Please place it out of reach of infants and children.

In case of abnormality or discomfort, please stop using it.

Five best furnishings in the bedroom

Five “best furnishings” in the bedroom

The bedroom is the most comfortable place in our home. We spend more than one third of the day in the bedroom. During this period, people breathe about 7,000 times, and the amount of air passing through is about 2,400 liters.
If the air in the bedroom is of poor quality and contains various chemical pollutants or pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, the damage to human health is self-evident.
With the improvement of living conditions, many large-sized house bedrooms have bathrooms and cloakrooms, many people bring TVs and computers into the bedrooms, move a large fish tank to raise bright parrot fish, and the decoration is not gorgeous .Does it have anything to do with our health?
With these questions in mind, we consulted some public health experts to analyze the health risks behind these phenomena.
  现象一:卫生间就在卧室里  隐患指数:★★★  目前大户型设计,主卧一般都会带有卫生间,简称主卫,主卫很方便,如洗浴、如厕不用出卧室,对家中人口多的People are very applicable.
However, the bathroom is more particular about odor and humidity are inevitable.
In particular, most of the main guards have no windows, only one vent, and the moisture in the bathroom will inevitably enter the bedroom. The bedding absorbs moisture and is uncomfortable to cover.
  The effects of excessive humidity: long-term humid environment will make people feel particularly uncomfortable, headache, fever, joint pain, etc .; the air is too humid, which is conducive to the reproduction and spread of some bacteria and germs. Moist environments are most prone to mold and moldInhalation of the lungs is likely to cause pneumonia or pulmonary fungal diseases; a humid environment will increase the incidence of eczema, dermatitis, and some fungal diseases such as ringworm and tinea pedis.
  Solution: Buy a house with a window in the bathroom as much as possible. Pay attention to the moisture-proof. With the window, the ventilation problem of the bathroom is solved. And the door of the bathroom should be opened on the side, not facing the bed.
  In addition, the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy, and it is easy to get wet. Therefore, the wall and ceiling should be selected with waterproof and moldproof materials, especially the gaps between the tiles. To avoid mold, you can apply a layer of waterproofing agent.
  Moreover, the exhaust fan must be installed in the bathroom. If the exhaust fan is not installed, the door should be closed after taking a shower. Do not let the moisture diffuse into the bedroom. Wait for the moisture to condense and then dry it.
In addition, moisture-proof boxes, dehumidification bags and other moisture-proof dehumidifying desiccants are also more suitable for placing in the bathroom.
  Phenomenon 2: TV and computer enter the bedroom. Hidden danger index: ★★★★ When TV, computer, mobile phone, etc. work, the electromagnetic waves generated are electromagnetic radiation.
After electromagnetic radiation exceeds a certain intensity, it can cause headaches, insomnia, memory loss, decreased vision, increased or decreased blood pressure, and so on.
Do not place household appliances too centrally or use them together, especially TVs, computers, and refrigerators. Do not place them in the bedroom to avoid exposing yourself to the danger of overdose radiation.
  A survey in Italy shows that TV in the bedroom affects the life of couples, and the sex life of couples is halved. Because the TV is placed in the bedroom, couples rarely communicate with each other, even if there is only 2 to 3 minutes each time.
In contrast, couples who do not watch TV have more communication, and their language communication can basically reach 15 minutes each time.
In addition, researchers also found that movies and dramas full of violent scenes will cause 47% of men to lose sexual desire; while horror footage will cause 56% of women to lose sexual impulses.
  Watching TV before going to bed also reduces sleep quality.
  Solution: Make the function of the bedroom clear, and clear out anything not related to sleeping.
  Phenomenon three: Hidden danger index for fish breeding in the bedroom: ★ ★ Fish breeding is a good choice for leisure after work. The water vapor evaporated from the fish tank can also adjust the dryness and humidity of the indoor air.
But it should be noted that it is best not to raise fish in the bedroom. This is because the volume of the aquarium is different from ordinary fish tanks, and it emits a lot of water vapor, which will increase the humidity in the room and easily breed mold and cause biological pollution;The aquarium air pump also generates noise and affects sleep.
  Solution: It is best to put the fish tank in the living room or study, where the air is well-circulated and it is easy to change the water.
  现象四:卧室放满绿色植物  隐患指数:★★★★  绿色植物能够净化空气,增加含氧量,而且能舒缓紧张情绪,于是许多人把它们搬进了卧室,然而,当夜晚光照不足时,Green plants inhale oxygen and emit carbon dioxide.
The more green plants in the bedroom, the more carbon dioxide will be exhaled. In addition, when the doors and windows are closed while sleeping, the indoor air will not circulate.decrease productivity.
And because the plant ‘s soil may contain a large number of molds, which can cause respiratory symptoms such as allergies or asthma.
  Solution: When you need to put green plants to decorate your bedroom, you can place a small amount of hydroponic plants such as rich bamboo, or small and delicate cactaceae, prickly pears, etc. to release oxygen for 24 hours, like drought and sunshine, one month-halfWatering once a month is the best plant for indoor cultivation.
Don’t buy the shade plants that often need watering.
  Phenomenon 5: The most beautiful and luxurious is the bedroom. Hidden danger index: ★★★★★ Jinxiang Xiangvhuang Indoor Air Treatment Center Wang Xin analysis: Danger depends on luxury.
We once tested one of the three master bedrooms where the owner lived. The walls were all covered with beautiful wallpapers. The bedrooms, beds, wardrobes, and other furniture were very particular. The test results showed that the air pollution in these bedrooms was seriously exceeded.
In the small room where the nanny lived, there was no decoration except a bed and floor tiles, and the walls were just painted with white paint, but all the indicators of this bedroom were acceptable.
This shows that the more luxurious the decoration, the more money you pay, and the more beautiful it looks, the more pollution it generates.
  Solution: Early prevention, early detection and early treatment.
To prevent the damage of decoration pollution, we should start from the source, choose the decoration materials as environmentally friendly as possible, and use decoration materials, paints, glues and coatings that meet national standards and have less pollution.
There are currently many pollution control treatments.
If conditions permit, owners are advised to check the indoor air quality before moving in.

Prepare for winter and summer diseases

Prepare for winter and summer diseases

Question 1 Why should the illness be treated in the summer in winter?

  Liu Baoyan: Winter disease is simply a disease that is easy to attack or worsen in winter.

Treatment is performed in the summer when the disease is recovering to reduce the number of attacks in the winter or other springs and springs. The remedy is called winter disease and summer treatment.

  Chinese medicine pays attention to “Yang Yang in spring and summer, Yang in autumn and winter.”

Spring and summer due to the weather, it is particularly easy to cause injury to the human body’s yang. At this time, if the yang is not taken into account, the body’s disease prevention and disease resistance will be reduced.

  Question 2 Is there any way to treat winter disease and summer disease?

  Liu Baoyan: There are many methods for treating winter diseases and summer diseases, the most commonly used are acupoint application therapy, and the southern plaster prescription.

In summer, according to the body’s physical condition, boil some plasters, and you can also take care of yang by taking these medicines.

There are also moxibustion methods, acupuncture points at Sanfutian Moxibustion, and you can also protect yang.

  Question 3 Which diseases are mainly targeted for winter and summer disease?

  Li Guoqin: The treatment of winter and summer diseases is mainly aimed at respiratory diseases, including variant rhinitis, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic complication lung disease, etc. This type of disease can be treated by winter and summer treatment.

  Question 4 How does acupoint application work?

  Li Guoqin: Acupoint application with plaster made from traditional Chinese medicine was originally proposed by Zhang Lu of the Qing Dynasty in “Zhang’s Medical Practice”.

He uses four mustards, such as white mustard, grinds it into fine powder, and then applies it.

It was found that some patients recovered or cured by acupoint application the next year.

At present, the traditional Chinese medicine application therapy is to apply the medicine on the acupoints of the human body after processing the medicine on the basis of the ancients. In this way, by stimulating the meridian points of the human body, adjusting yin and yang, and improving the body’s immunity, in order to prevent disease and cureThe purpose of the disease.

  Question 5 What are the advantages of acupoint application?

  Li Guoqin: The first drug used is herbal medicine, which does not pollute the environment.

The second crystals are combined.

The third internal disease and external treatment.

The fourth price is relatively low.

The fifth effect is good.

Sixty-three times less.

  Question 6 Is the effect related to the choice of acupoints and drugs?

  Su Huiping: There are many hospitals that implement acupoint application. Each hospital may choose different medicines, but they all follow the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and choose the medicine of Wenjingtongluo. They are the preparations of various hospitals.

  Because the target diseases are not the same, the hospitals for selecting acupoints are not the same, but basically based on the traditional methods, and then according to the corresponding diseases.

For example, for the respiratory system, there are more acupoints such as lung crest, kidney crest and spleen crest.

  Question 7 Can I apply it at home?

  Su Huiping: We basically do not object to the patients taking the stickers, because patients may not be very accurate in choosing the acupuncture points. They should go to the hospital and choose the acupuncture points and medicines by the doctor to ensure the best curative effect.

  Question 8 Is there any relationship between the application effect and the course of the disease?

  Su Huiping: It still has an impact, because the efficacy of any treatment method is definitely related to the severity of the disease and the length of the disease.

Relatively speaking, if the disease is relatively mild or the disease course is short, then timely treatment should be able to achieve better results.

  Question 9: If I apply medicine in the summer, do I not feel asthma in the winter?

  Liu Baoyan: After so many years of application, it is observed that the efficacy of acupoint application is mainly a curative effect.

We are not talking about treating high blood pressure itself or rhinitis itself, but we are using summer medicine to prevent the onset of disease in winter.

Because the onset of these diseases is often related to the infection of the upper respiratory tract, and the application of acupoints can enhance the body’s resistance, the chance and frequency of upper respiratory tract infections are reduced, or the degree of infection is alleviated.

  Question 10 What are the precautions for acupoint application?

  Li Guoqin: Our hospital has been applying patch therapy for 50 years and has accumulated some experience.There are three main points that should be noted: First, in the middle of the acupoint application, we should not eat cold, spicy food.

  Second, the drug stimulates the skin. It regulates yin and yang by stimulating the acupuncture points of the human body. Therefore, the skin feels warm and hot with some slight stinging when applied. This is a normal phenomenon. This is the reaction of the drug to work, So must be worried.

However, there are very few patients who may cause headache pain or strange itching. At this time, the drug can be removed.

  Third, in the past, the ancients believed that the more foaming acupoint application, the better the effect, but now people have changed this view, that is, the doctor is required to not foam, but also better than the ancients.

  If there are foaming patients, do not wash them with water. Those with more foaming should go to the hospital to see a doctor.

After proper treatment, these patients will heal quickly.

However, for some patients who are susceptible to skin infection, we attach caution to acupoint application.

  Question 11 Is there an age limit for acupoint application?

  Liu Baoyan: There are many hospitals doing pediatric application, and the effect of treating asthma in children is also good.

In some hospitals, two-year-old children can also paste, but the medication is slightly different from that of adults.

For example, reduce the amount of ginger juice and white mustard to reduce the irritation of children’s delicate skin.

Generally 3 years old children can paste it, but it should be noticed that the duration of the paste is shorter than that of adults, and the dosage and the type of medicine are different.

The acupoints are mainly dorsal acupoints.

  Question 12 Can children apply if they are weak?

  Liu Baoyan: There are many pediatric patches, mainly hypertension, recurrent respiratory infections and so on.

There are specific diagnostic criteria for the suitability of a child for pediatric application.

Some children are relatively weak, and when they catch a cold, he immediately catches a cold, and the application is good.

  Li Guoqin: These children posted better results than adults, because their illness is simpler.

Adults have a relatively long course of illness and other diseases at the same time.

  Question 13 Can acupoint application be immediate?

  Su Huiping: Our hospital has been applying dressing for many years. Some patients do have some alternatives to applying winter acupoints and treating acupoints. First, the main purpose of the dressing in the first stage is to reduce the onset of the disease and delay the diseasedevelopment of.

For example, a pilot or a patient with COPD still needs to be given a long-term treatment and long-term medication to control the condition.

Some patients want to apply today and it will be fine tomorrow. This is not possible because the application is only an auxiliary treatment.

The purpose of the application is not to stop the cough and the asthma by applying it once, but to increase the resistance and reduce the onset of the disease.

Therefore, do not stop taking the medicine casually, as this will easily lead to the onset of the disease.

  Secondly, there are some patients who think that the application method is relatively simple, and there are many people who apply it now. Without following the consequences, they blindly follow the trend.

In fact, acupoint application has indications, even if many patients with chronic cough, if it is tuberculosis or bronchiectasis, it is not convenient to apply.

In particular, some of them are of yin deficiency and are not suitable for posting.

  Third, there are some people who expect that the root cause will be beyond that after application.

This is currently unattainable.

Some patients posted it once, or three times a year. When they didn’t feel much for some time, they lost their confidence.

In fact, some recurrent diseases require a course of treatment, usually three years as a small cycle. To achieve satisfactory results, we must adhere to the course of treatment.

  Question 14 What preparations should be made before acupoint application?

  Liu Baoyan: First, you should bring your own medical records as the basis for doctor’s diagnosis.

  Secondly, these patients often have a remission period in the summer. They may not take medicine or take very little medicine, but they should provide some medicine to the doctor if you take less medicine.

  Third, the effect of the application is to see the onset of the disease.

What the patient may cause is usually the starting point for the next effect.

So we hope that when the patient comes, first sort out and think about how the disease developed in another winter in the past year. If it happens, provide it to the doctor.

  Question 15 Acupoint application is also suitable for certain diseases?

  Li Guoqin: At present, the winter and summer treatment method is mainly aimed at respiratory diseases. There are some stomach cold diseases with abdominal patches, which are also effective.  Liu Baoyan: The patch method is mainly used in clinical practice for recurrent respiratory diseases, but the data I have seen in recent years is no longer limited to this disease.

For example, it is used for frostbite. It is okay in summer and committed in winter. The effect after patch treatment is also good.

  Question 16 How to deal with blistering after acupoint application?

  Li Guoqin: One of the medicines for acupoint application is white mustard seed.

White mustard is very irritating to the patient’s skin.

According to our many years of experience, 3% -4% of patients may blister after application.

If the foam is small, just apply some iodine. If the foam is large, go to the hospital to pump out the liquid in the foam and apply local topical medicine, usually about a week.

  Su Huiping: In fact, in traditional dressing therapy, it is selected foam.

One is called foaming moxibustion, also called tian moxibustion, which uses raw white mustard seeds to prevent and cure diseases through foaming.

At present, hospitals usually use white mustard or fried white mustard. This method reduces the medicinal properties and prevents it from foaming.

But because each patient’s constitution is different, some reactions are large, others are small, and there are blistering.

  Exactly what is the difference between foaming and non-foaming, there is no rigorous clinical validation.

Therefore, we recommend that you don’t blindly pursue foaming, and once you foam, you don’t have to be nervous.

The skin reaction of patients is different. Some people stick it for 6 hours, maybe the skin is not red at all, and some people may blister for two hours. This is related to individual differences.

  Foaming is a normal skin reaction during treatment.

If it is slightly red, you don’t need to worry about it. If it is very small and has a slight itch, remove the medicine as soon as possible, although it is also sometimes exposed in less than two hours. Gently rinse the local medicine residue with water, taking care not to getbroken.

If you have blistering or festering, do not handle it by yourself, you should go to the hospital dermatology to see it.

  Question 17 Is there a uniform standard for acupoint application?

  Liu Baoyan: Acupoint application in winter disease and summer treatment is a complex intervention: the composition of the drug, the selection of the acupoint, the timing of the application, and the amount of stimulation have a certain relationship.

Especially the knowledge of drug selection is relatively deep.

One is what medicine taste to choose, and is it necessary to change according to different situations?

When adjusting the medicine, ginger juice is now used. The concentration of ginger juice is different. There may be a certain difference in the amount of stimulus, so the difference here is still very large.

  This year, the Chinese Academy of Acupuncture and Moxibustion came forward and organized 13 large hospitals in the country that applied more acupoints to conduct a study together.

Clinical observation of 50,000 cases, to do a technical study of acupoint application of winter disease and summer treatment.

We also announced the National “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for science and technology support plan. There is a research paper on foreign governance law. This paper is still in the process of application. We hope to get national support.

Face wash with a little material Never add spot _1

Wash your face with a little bit of “material”

Washing our face is one of the things we have to do every morning. We just know that washing our face every day can make our skin clean and fresh. In fact, when we wash our face, we just need to put something in our washbasin to make our skin look betterBai Nen, flexible, what are you waiting for?
Not going to see with Xiaowei.
Wash your face in this way, so that your face will never add “spots”.
  1. The effect of vinegar vinegar: inhibit the skin bacterial growth principle: vinegar itself can change the pH of the skin, soften the cuticle of the skin, inhibit bacterial growth, make pores open, and reduce the incidence of infectious skin diseases.
The type of vinegar is pure natural rice vinegar, and other edible vinegars are also available.
Long-term use can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells and restore the skin’s luster and elasticity. In addition, it can also make the skin cleaner and prevent the generation of acne.
  Method: The ratio of vinegar to water is 5%, and 7 to 10 drops can be put in a basin of face wash.
  2. Add green tea tincture effect: astringent skin, anti-radiation tincture principle: in tea, green tea has the most abundant polyphenols in tea.
Tea polyphenols have antioxidant effects to prevent skin aging.
If you are a white-collar woman working in front of a computer, adding a little green tea to the water when washing your face can effectively resist radiation. The tannin effect of tea can make our dry skin disappear without trace, which can suppress skin pigmentation and reduce allergies.The reaction takes place.
In addition, the tannic acid action of tea can relieve dry skin and is also very suitable for children with eczema.
  Method: Take a bag of green tea or 2 grams of green tea, and use 2 liters of water to make tea in a teapot. Wait for the tea to warm and wash your face.
  3, add salt effect: in addition to keratin and oil principle: washing your face with salt water has the effect of removing horny, astringent skin, soothing flushed skin, but also remove skin oil.
Annoying “blackheads” can also be removed by rubbing lightly with salt. After using oily skin, the facial skin appears fresh and transparent for about a week after use.
  Method: Add two teaspoons of salt to a basin of face wash.
  4、加蜂蜜  功效:抗衰老、防干燥  原理:蜂蜜是养生佳品,含有大量能被人体吸收的氨基酸、酶、激素、维生素及糖类成分,能促进皮肤创面的愈合,抗衰老,防止皮肤干燥.
  Method: For people with normal dry skin, you can usually add 2 ~ 3 drops of honey to the face wash water. When you wash your face, moisten the entire face and then pat and massage the face for a few minutes.
People with oily skin are less suitable for washing their face with honey water.
  5、淘米水  功效:去油脂、润肤  原理:用淘米水洗脸,润肤的效果特别好,因为米表面含有钾成分,特别适合面部弱酸环境的清洁,而且性质温和,不刺激皮肤,There are no side effects, especially for oily skin with acne and large pores.
  Method: directly heat the rice water of the day and use it, the effect will be very good.
  6、加白糖  功效:去角质、淡化痘印  原理:白糖可以去除角质加速皮肤新陈代谢,糖中提炼的天然成分中含有丰富的维生素B1、B2、B6及VC,可以说是一种天然的美白产品And absolutely safe.
  Method: After washing the face, take an appropriate amount of sugar and massage it with water, then touch it on the face and massage for about 1 minute to wash it off.
  There are only lazy women in this world, no ugly women!
Hurry up and add some ingredients to your face wash!