Child healthy weight loss recipe tomato corn soup


Child healthy weight loss recipe tomato corn soup

It is not easy to give birth to a child, and a healthy baby is born. The family is very happy. However, excessive care for the children and eating too many snacks for the children are becoming more and more common.

Therefore, many parents and friends want to know the children’s weight loss diet, let’s take a look at the way children are healthy and lose weight.

銆€銆€Children’s weight loss recipe 1, tomato corn soup First, add the cut into small pieces of corn into the pot, then put the sliced tomatoes into the soup, add a small amount of salt.

Wait until the tomato is boiled and ready to eat.

Corn and tomatoes contain not only a lot of vitamins, but also a variety of nutrients, which are very suitable for children who lose weight.

銆€銆€2, Huanren Tang first soaked the washed red beans and mung beans and coix seed with water and soaked for one night.

Wait until the next day, add the right amount of water to the pot, then put the green beans and red beans and coix seed into the pot and boil over high heat.

Then use a small fire to simmer, so that all the beans are softened and cooked, and then added with sugar to taste.

It should be noted that you must not add too much sugar to your child, which will not have any effect on weight loss, and may become fat.

銆€銆€The above two are the more common children’s weight loss recipes.

In addition, if you want to slowly slim down your child, you must control your child’s snacks and encourage your child to exercise. Normal parents can also accompany their children to do some fun exercise programs, climbing and playing, so that they can achieve better.The weight loss effect.

Keep warm, the temperature of the card is too high, and the body is hurt.


Keep warm, the temperature of the card is too high, and the body is hurt.

Keeping warm and energy-saving is a resource that should be saved.

For the residents of central heating, most of the households’ heating facilities are not temperature-adjustable, and some households have centralized heating facilities, which are metering heating or gears with adjustable temperature.

If possible, do not turn the temperature of your home too high.

銆€銆€Under normal circumstances, people feel comfortable at temperatures between 22 掳 C and 24 掳 C. Above 26 掳 C, you will feel dry and hot. In winter, you should pay attention to reduce the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

銆€銆€The minimum temperature set by the city’s residential heating is 16 掳C, which is equivalent to the cold spring of Jincheng. This temperature has a temperature change with the seasons of the upper floors, and is easily adapted by the human body.

銆€銆€If the room temperature is too low, people are prone to cold, and the respiratory system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are induced, which has serious consequences. Therefore, for those with poor resistance, those with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the indoor temperature should not be too low.

However, if the room temperature is too high, the temperature difference with the vagina is too large, the body can not adapt, and the heart, lungs and other organs are easily affected.

銆€銆€The cost of heating in winter usually accounts for about 64% of a household’s energy consumption, especially in the absence of central heating, both to ensure comfort and to save.

銆€銆€Energy saving must first be scientifically controlled indoors. The most ideal indoor temperature is 20 掳 C during the day and 15 掳 C to 17 掳 C during the night.

In addition, turn off the radiators that are not commonly used, and close the doors of those rooms.

Double-glazed windows can save 20% energy, and if you add thick curtains at the doors and windows, you can save 5% to 10% of energy.