[Is it 13-year-old?]_Impact_Danger

[Is it 13-year-old?]_Impact_Danger

Many girls today are vulnerable because they do not have a strong sense of protection.

As adolescent men and women are not yet mature, it is easier to move to the restricted area between men and women.

Girls may have had menstruation at the age of thirteen and have the ability to conceive.

If there is sexual intercourse at this time, there are a lot of harms. The following mainly describes this.

1. Premature sexual life can cause genital tube damage and infection.

Due to the immature development of the puberty adolescent girls, the vulva and vagina are very delicate, and the short surface tissue of the vagina is weak. It can cause severe tearing of the hymen and vaginal laceration during sexual intercourse and cause heavy bleeding.Or dirt is brought into the vagina, and since then women have poor self-defense functions, which can easily cause infections of the urethra, vulva and vagina.

If the infection is not controlled in time, the infection will spread2. Premature sexual life can have adverse consequences due to pregnancy.

Since women start to ovulate after menstrual cramps, if effective contraceptive measures are not taken during sexual intercourse, pregnancy is very likely to occur. Once pregnant, abortion must be performed, and abortion is often harmful to women’s health, which can cause some kind ofSerious, such as infection, bleeding, uterine perforation, habitual abortion and infertility after marriage, etc., and because of the pressure of public opinion and self-blame around, guilt, causing severe psychological trauma to women, and even affect the normal sexual life after marriage.

3. Premature sex can seriously affect mental health.

Because girls’ sexual behavior is often carried out sneakily under very tense conditions and lacks the necessary preparations (mainly referring to the study of sexual knowledge and mental preparation).

At the same time, during the sexual life and afterwards, because of fear of pregnancy, fear of exposure, fear, guilt, and remorse will cause psychological abnormalities such as: aversion to men, aversion to sex, loss of sexual desire, sexual sensitivityDecrease and sexual apathy.

4. Premature sex can affect learning and work.

Girls’ adolescence is in the golden age of studying, working and accumulating knowledge to lay the foundation for a glorious future. If there is sex, it will inevitably affect the interests of study and work, which is not good for myself, family and society. Therefore, adolescence should beAvoid sexual life. Adolescent women should cherish their youth and body very much. They should devote their attention and interest to study and work. This is of great significance to their healthy growth, career success, and happiness in life.

[Can pregnant women eat black rice]_Black rice_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat black rice]_Black rice_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Black rice is the most common kind of grain in life. There are two types of black rice, one is black rice and the other is black glutinous rice. Black rice is rich in nutrition, but pregnant women should pay more attention to their diet and distinguish between black rice.And black glutinous rice, eat more black glutinous rice will cause pregnant women to accumulate gastrointestinal tract, poor digestion, etc., will have a certain impact on the fetus.

Black rice belongs to the glutinous rice type. There are two types of black rice and black glutinous rice. They are oblong, the husk is gray-brown, and the rice is black or dark brown.

Glutinous rice is rich in nutrition. In addition to its edible value, black rice also has good medicinal value. In some cases, the effect of nourishing blood is very good.

The carbonyl group in black rice provides energy for expectant mothers, participates in cell composition and activities, and strengthens built-in functions.

The protein in black rice promotes the metabolism of body cells, upgrades the immune system, guarantees the normal operation of pregnant women’s life activities, and promotes the healthy development of the fetus.

The precipitated fiber in black rice cleans the digestive wall of pregnant women, promotes digestion, facilitates the excretion of carcinogens and toxic substances, improves the symptoms of constipation, and prevents colon cancer.

Black rice is rich in trace elements and rich in nutrients. Eating more can enrich blood and eyesight, and prevent pregnant women from anemia.

The high potassium content in black rice can promote human metabolism and maintain normal functioning of nerve and muscle functions.

The multiple vitamins and trace elements in black rice can promote the physical development and bone growth of vitamins. In addition, black rice also contains niacin, which can promote the intellectual development of metabolism.

Black rice has the effect of appetizing and strengthening the spleen and promoting blood circulation.

In addition to this, black rice can especially improve postpartum blood deficiency, so it is also suitable for maternal consumption.

In addition, regular consumption of black rice can also improve white hair, backache, and night blindness.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat black rice, the purchase of black rice1.

The black color of black rice is concentrated in the cortex, and the endosperm is still white. Therefore, consumers can scrape off the outer skin layer of the rice grains and observe whether the rice grains are white.Put it on soft white paper, realign with your mouth, and twist the millet several times with paper. If there is yellow on the paper, it means that the millet to be tested is stained with yellow pigment. In addition, you can add a small amount of sample to the water and observeColor change.


Consumers also look at the color, appearance and smell when they buy, and taste.

Generally black rice is shiny, few broken rice, no insects, exclude impurities.

You can take a small amount of black rice in your hand, take a sigh of warmth to the black rice, and immediately smell the smell. High-quality black rice has normal fragrance. You can also take a small amount of black rice and put it in the mouth.Odor; normal millet grains, size, color uniform, milky white, yellow or golden yellow, shiny, few broken rice, no insects, no impurities, the smell and taste are the same as black rice.


Because the nutrients contained in black rice are mostly gathered in the black cortex, it is not suitable for fine processing. It is better to eat flour rice or standard third-grade rice.

Second, the cooking of black rice In order to save more nutrition, most of the black rice is directly eaten in the form of “alkaline rice” after husking.

This thick black rice is best used for porridge.

When making porridge, in order to make it softer quickly, it is best to soak it in advance to allow it to fully absorb moisture.

In order to prevent the pigment contained in black rice from dissolving water in the immersion, it can be gently washed with cold water before soaking, but do not rub it; the water used for soaking rice should be cooked with the rice and not wasted to preserve the nutritional content.

[How to eat lotus flowers]

鑽疯姳涓€鑸浜轰滑鎷挎潵瑙傝祻鐢紝鏈変簺浜鸿寰楄嵎鑺辩殑鑾茶摤銆佽幉瀛愩€佽幉钘曢兘鑳介鐢 痴 闾 d 璞 Drilling madness pick picks 宝 箞 咨 冨 Han?鑽疯姳涔熸槸鍙互椋熺敤鐨勶紝鍥犱负鑽疯姳鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊煎拰鑽敤浠峰€奸兘姣旇緝楂橈紝缁忓父椋熺敤杩樿兘澶熻皟鐞嗚韩浣撱€傚悆鑽疯姳鐨勬柟娉曟湁寰堝锛岃嵎鑺变笉浠呬粎鑳藉鍍忚強鑺变竴鏍峰仛姹ょ竟锛岃What do you mean by this way? Do you want to say that you’re so happy? В Juan 嫔 惂 銆?涓€銆佽嵎鑺卞彲浠ュ悆鍚?1銆佸彲浠ラ鐢ㄨ嵎鑺辨槸鍙互鍚冪殑銆傝嵎鑺卞叿鏈夎緝濂界殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝鍏锋湁娲昏姝㈣銆佸幓婀挎秷椋庛€佹竻蹇冨噳琛€銆佽В鐑В姣掔瓑鍔熸晥锛屼笉浣嗗彲浠ュ叆鑽仛鑽潗锛岃繕鑳藉仛鎴愯嵂鑶抽鐢ㄣ€?2 銆 ?  鐢 ㄩ 鐭 ヨ 槠 鐒 呺 卲 嵲 浠  鐢 ㄥ  鐢 ㄥ Tang 欮 鬏 銰 镰 啫 啧啧 啧啧敤銆備緥濡傚叕鍥€佽閬撶瓑鍏紬鍦哄悎鎵€绉嶆鐨勪緵浜轰滑娆h祻鐨勮璧忚嵎鑺卞氨涓嶉€傜敤椋熺敤锛岃繖鏄洜涓鸿璧忚嵎鑺卞湪绠$悊鍜屽吇鎶ょ殑杩囩▼涓線寰€浼氳鎵撹嵂鍜屾柦鑲ワ紝闅忎究椋熺敤鍙兘浼氬洜涓哄寲瀛︾墿璐ㄦ畫鐣欏紩鍙戜竴浜涘仴搴烽棶棰樸€傚洜姝ゅ缓璁ぇ瀹朵笉瑕侀殢鎰忛噰鎽樿嵎鑺遍鐢紝鑽疯姳鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊?銆 佀 瀀 逳 獳 环 链? 鑽疯姳锛岃幉瀛愩€佽幉琛c€佽幉鎴裤€佽幉椤汇€佽幉瀛愬績銆佽嵎鍙躲€佽嵎姊椼€佽棔鑺傜瓑鍧囧彲鑽敤銆傝嵎鑺辫兘娲昏姝㈣銆佸幓婀挎秷椋庛€佹竻蹇冨噳琛€銆佽В鐑В姣掋€傝幉瀛愯兘鍏诲績銆佺泭鑲俱€佽ˉ鑴俱€佹订鑲犮€傝幉椤昏兘娓呭績銆佺泭鑲俱€佹订绮俱€佹琛€銆佽В鏆戦櫎鐑︼紝鐢熸触姝㈡复銆傝嵎鍙惰兘娓呮殤鍒╂箍銆佸崌闃虫琛€锛屽噺鑲ョ槮韬紝鍏朵腑鑽峰彾绠€鎴愬垎瀵逛簬娓呮礂鑲犺儍锛屽噺鑴傛帓鐦€鏈夊鏁堛€傝棔鑺傝兘姝㈣銆佹暎鐦€銆佽В鐑瘨銆傝嵎姊楄兘娓呯儹瑙f殤銆侀€氭皵琛屾按銆佹郴鐏竻蹇冦€傝嵎鑺辩湡鏄竴韬兘鏄疂!浜屻€佽嵎鑺卞悆娉?1 銆 彽 呎 呺 卞 Bong Lupu Fortification Investigation, Forging Pets Jiang Bituo, Li Jinming, Forging, Dying, Draining, Editing, Drawing, Painting鍙€佸共璐?0鍏嬨€侀浮鐞?00鍏嬨€佽櫨鑳?00鍏嬨€侀鐢ㄨ壊绱犻厡閲忚緟鏂欙細鐩愩€佹枡閰掋€佸懗绮俱€佷笂姹ゅ悇閫傞噺鍒朵綔锛?) 楦 揲 鏀 氪 撪 酬酢 鐢 ㄥ 喎 姜 叜 鏡 燂 纴 铡 懲 泲 泲 勭 撀 铔 嬬 姬 槤; 楦 $ 悆 銆 侸 室 忤 忤 室 室 室2)鍙栫泦涓€鍙紝鐢ㄨ櫨鑳躲€佽泲鐧藉拰閰岄噺鐨勯鐢ㄨ壊绱犲仛鎴愯嵎鑺卞舰锛屼笂绗艰捀鐔?3)鍦ㄦ堡閿呭唴鍊掑叆涓婃堡锛岀劘姘磋繃鐨勯浮鐞冦€佸共璐濓紝鍔犵洂銆佸懗绮俱€佹枡閰掞紝鐑у紑锛岀劧鍚庢斁涓婅捀鐔熺殑鑽疯尪鍗虫垚 2銆佽嵎鑺辫尪瑙g儹娓呯伀鑽疯姳鑼舵渶濂介€夌敤鐫¤幉涓殑棣欐按鑾诧紝棣欐按鑾叉湁9绉嶉鑹诧紝鍏朵腑榛勮壊棣欐按鑾叉场鍑烘潵鐨勮尪姹ゅ懗閬撴渶棣欍€傝嵎鑺辫尪鍏ュ彛娣¢锛岄娇棰婄暀棣欙紝楗繃鏁版鍚庯紝渚胯鍛抽娴撻儊锛岃繕鍙В鐑竻鐏€傚彟澶栵紝鑽疯姳Gong Gong lao 犵 犽 都 郺 鑺 簺 Mongolian 銆 佺 Huai 鐤 礌 銆?7绉嶆皑鍩洪吀銆佹姉蹇辫閰镐互鍙婁汉浣撴墍闇€鐨勯挋銆侀攲銆侀搧绛夊绉嶅井閲忓厓绱犮€佸彲闀囧績瀹夌銆佺泭鑲濆仴鑴俱€佹琛€鍒╄€崇洰銆侀櫎鍙h嚟銆傚挨鍏舵槸鑽疯姳绮変腑尾-鑳¤悵鍗滅礌锛屽叿闃茬檶銆佹姉鐧屻€侀槻缁撶煶浣滅敤銆傚啿娉℃柟娉曪細鍏堝皢棣欐按鑾叉礂鍑€锛?Do you want to play? 6  纴 鐢 ㄥ 紑 姘 Storage field 5 闒 嗛 挓 鍗 冲劲 銆?

Huatai Securities (601688): FINTECH + TAMP Promotes Mixed Wealth Management Reform and Optimizes Governance Mechanism

Huatai Securities (601688): FINTECH + TAMP Promotes Mixed Wealth Management Reform and Optimizes Governance Mechanism

Event Huatai Securities released the 2018 annual report in 2018, the company achieved operating income of 161.

08 thousand yuan, at least -23.

69%; net profit attributable to mother is 50.

33 ppm, at least -45.

75%; expected average return on equity is 5.

32%, -5 per year.

24 units.

As of the end of 2018, the company returned to its parent shareholders’ equity of 1033.

9.4 billion yuan, +18 from the beginning of the year.

39%, BVPS 12.

53 yuan.

  A brief comment on investment income dragged down Q4 performance, but the fundamentals remained stable.

The company realized investment income in 2018 (including changes in fair value) 42.

09 thousand yuan, at least -50.

87%; of which, in the fourth quarter realized investment income1.

08 thousand yuan, at least -97.

71%, causing the company’s overall performance to fall short of expectations.

We believe that the company’s investment income has gradually decreased in two ways: ① In the fourth quarter of 2017, the company changed the accounting method of Jiangsu Bank ‘s equity investment and increased the current investment income by about 3 billion and the net profit by about 21 trillion, forming a high performance base;Downturn, the company generated 41 due to the total disposal of transactional financial assets.

7.2 billion losses.

Survey, the company’s overall ROE level (5.

32%) is still higher than the industry average (3.

56%), the excess growth rate of the brokerage / investment bank / asset management / interest rate net income was higher than the industry average, and the fundamentals remained stable.

  Fintech + TAMP boost wealth management.

In 2018, the company achieved net income from brokerage business33.

86 ‰, at least -19.


① The total transaction volume of the company’s cash stock funds.

27 trillion yuan, at least -24.

94%, ranking first in the industry; commission rate is 2.

37 %%, ten years +0.


② “Zhangle Wealth Link” APP upgrade6.

In the new version, multiple industry-leading smart services such as “Tai Niu Zhitou” and “Smart Family” have been launched one after another.

690,000, ten years +13.


③ The company gradually establishes a financial product business ecosystem, and the total amount of financial products sold in the entire decade2.

90 trillion yuan, at least -9.

60%.④ AssetMark’s market share in the U.S. TAMP industry 10.

20%, ranking third; AUM 448 at the end of the year.

$ 5.5 billion, +5 from the end of 2017.

83%; in total served more than 7,500 independent investment consultants, +5 at the end of 2017.

86%; total services exceeded 21.

840,000 terminal accounts, +11 from the end of 2017.


  Fair underwriting and mergers and acquisitions restructured business against the trend.

In 2018, in the face of the increasingly severe adverse environment of equity financing review, the company actively explored and cultivated technology innovation enterprises and reorganized the IPO underwriting amount of 187.

740,000 yuan, ten years +162.

81% of the refinancing lead underwriting amount 304.

57 trillion, -42 a year.


The bond underwriting business actively built a stable market development system, and the initial bond underwriting amount was 139.

750,000 yuan, at least -6.


The M & A and restructuring business continued to lead the market with innovation, and the acquisition transaction amount was 1,104.

27 trillion, +167 a year.

35%, ranking first in the industry.

  The asset management business transformed into active management.

At the end of 2018, the subsidiary Huatai Asset Management had a management scale of 7826.

1.4 billion, compared with -14 at the beginning of the year.

72%; of which, the strength of collective asset management has increased steadily, with a management scale of 1,128 at the end of the year.

10,000 yuan, +3 from the beginning of the year.

46%; directional asset management contracted the scale of the channel, and the scale of management at the end of the year was 5826.

700,000 yuan, -21 from the beginning of the year.

36%; the special fund management relies on the ABS issuance capacity, and the management scale at the end of the year is 812.

79 trillion, +29 from the beginning of the year.


The scale of assets under management of the public offering business of the associate South Fund was 5,633.

90 trillion, ten years +28.

04%; Huatai Borui, an associate, manages 980 assets in its public offering business.

50,000 yuan, +18 from the beginning of the year.


  Actively promote the pilot reform of mixed ownership.

In 2018, the company’s overall pilot plan for the reform of mixed ownership was approved, and it completed a fixed increase in shares while dating strategic investors such as Alibaba and Suning.com.

In 2019, the company will further hire senior officials to participate in the pilot of the professional manager system, set up an executive committee, without the positions of president and vice president; plan to select several executive committee members and other senior management personnel for global selection.

With the continuous advancement of mixed reforms, the corporate governance mechanism will continue to be optimized.

  Investment suggestion: Maintain “overweight” rating.
The performance of the securities brokerage sector in 2019 will continue to benefit from the easing of liquidity and the catalysis of capital market reforms, and the long-term market is worth looking forward to; under the regulatory thinking of “supporting the good and limiting the bad”, its capital strength has increased (2018’s net asset ranks among the top five in the industry),Huatai Securities, with complete wind control system (achieved Class A and A rating by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for 2 consecutive years) and improved innovation capabilities (Science and Technology Board, Wealth Management, and Overseas Business Mergers) will be one of the beneficiaries, with a fixed increase of USD 14.2 billionThe implementation of GDR will accelerate the release of its performance potential in the future.
We forecast Huatai Securities’ BVPS to be 13 in 2019-2020.

17 yuan and 13.

78 yuan.

At present, Huatai Securities’ sustainable corresponding 2019E BVPS is 1.

70 times, a reasonable estimate is 2.

0 times, maintaining Huatai Securities (601688.

SH) “Overweight” rating.

  Risk reminder: stock market liquidity is not up to expectations; capital market reforms are not up to expectations.

Qizheng Tibetan Medicine (002287): The introduction of a fair and accelerated incentive mechanism to gradually improve

Qizheng Tibetan Medicine (002287): The introduction of a fair and accelerated incentive mechanism to gradually improve


Event: The company released an extended stock incentive plan for 2019.

This plan intends to award incentive stocks 243 to incentive objects.

80,000 shares, accounting for 0 of the company’s share capital on the date of announcement of this plan.

600%, of which 226 was awarded for the first time.

60,000 shares, budget 17.


A total of 65 motivated objects, including senior management, 34 core management staff, and 31 core business backbones.

The maximum grant price for the first share award is 14.

03 yuan / share.


Our analysis and judgment (1) The scope of equity incentives is wide, and the talent incentive mechanism is gradually improved. In March 2019, the company launched a stock incentive plan.

It is planned to grant 243 enlarged shares to the incentive objects.

80,000 shares, accounting for 0 of the company’s total share capital.

600%, the grant price is 14.

03 yuan / share.

Among them, 226 was awarded for the first time.

60,000 shares, accounting for about 0 of the company’s share capital.

558%, accounting for 92 of the total stock grants for this program budget.

95%, budget 17.

20,000 shares, accounting for about 0 of the company’s share capital.

042%, accounting for 7.


Incentives were 65 people, including company directors, senior managers, core managers and core business backbones.

If the incentive targets are company executives and core management personnel, the conditions for lifting the limit are that the company’s revenue in 2019-2022 is not less than 13 respectively.

98, 16.

14, 18.

78, 21.

90 ppm; if the target of the incentive is the core business backbone, the condition for lifting the limit is that the company’s revenue from 2019 to 2020 is not less than 13 respectively.

98, 16.

1.4 billion.

After reaching the limit-resolving conditions, the individual limit-resolving coefficient is determined based on performance evaluation.

Our understanding of this incentive plan is as follows: (1) The range of incentives is wide.

A total of 65 people were motivated this time, covering a wide range of companies, including directors, executives, core managers and core business backbones.

(2) Promote the enthusiasm of talents, effectively combine the personal interests of shareholders, companies and operators, and help the company’s long-term development.

Compared with the company’s revenue this year, the final conditions for lifting the ban are not strict. It is a high probability event to complete the performance evaluation on time. Its actual purpose is to motivate the incentive objects, bind the core team’s personal interests with the company’s development, and improve operational efficiency.

It also shows the company’s recognition of talents, which helps attract more talents to join.
(3) Incentive amortization expenses have little effect on performance.
If awarded in March, the corresponding amortization costs for 2019-2023 will be 1419 respectively.




9, 31.

30,000 yuan, a total of 3179.

70,000 yuan, has little effect on performance, and the performance release brought by equity incentives far exceeds the increase in booth costs.

(II) Performance has steadily increased, and the terminal layout has continued to promote the company’s overall operating performance to grow steadily.

Express performance report shows that the company achieved revenue in 201812.

13 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.

20%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 3.

18 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.


At the end of the reporting period, the company’s total assets were 23.

140,000 yuan, an increase of 0 over the same period last year.


We believe that the initial growth of the company’s performance is initially due to the company’s vigorous sinking of sales channels in the early stage, and the company’s products in the three terminal layouts of hospitals, grassroots and drug stores have continued to advance.

In the large hospital market, adhere to the brand-driven academic marketing strategy, increase academic marketing efforts, and continue to promote corporate and product brands.

Continue to improve high-level evidence-based medical evidence, promote the clinical value of products in the treatment of related diseases, and provide customers with better clinical solutions; replace, increase the strength of new product launches, complete the initial stages of multiple new product launches, and achieve new productsQuick overlay overlay foundation.

The grassroots market, adhere to academic leadership, accumulate product research evidence, and provide support for sales promotion and product development.

Continue to expand terminal coverage and promote further sales growth.

In the retail market, shrinking tightly revolves around the pain-integrated brand development strategy, increases Qizheng’s brand building efforts, and enhances brand influence; gradually accelerate the pace of new product launches.

Reporting the facts, the company became the official strategic partner of the 2018 Lanzhou International Marathon, providing professional skeletal muscle pain integrated solutions for the event.

For the protection of skeletal muscles, we should develop Tibetan style meridian exercises with special characteristics of Tibetan culture, and spread them to consumers.

The Qizheng brand was selected as the first China Independent Brand Expo hosted by the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Central Propaganda, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration.The “OTC Brand Month Promotion Brand” campaign works with industry-leading brands to carry out public welfare communications to help the public better understand the brand medicines around them.

In fact, the company continued to advance preparations for the release of pain-integrated new products, enriched the category structure reserve, and further improved the coverage of new products on the second line.

(III) Optimistic about the new strategy of “one axis, two wings and three supports” to drive steady growth of company performance. In 2018, the company ‘s operations closely focused on the strategic progress of “one axis, two wings and three supports” and continued to strengthen its core competitiveness in all aspects.

“One axis” is to strengthen the pain-relieving plaster. Through the three-wheel drive of large hospitals, 杭州夜网 basic medicines, and retail, the pain-relieving plaster will continue to grow.

“Two Wings” implants provide patients with a combination of clinically valuable specialty therapies and classic prescription products through a rich product line of pain products. The alternative is to focus on neurorehabilitation and the gynecology and dermatology market.

“Three support” refers to the creation of marketing model innovation, capital operations, and internal dynamic model organizations including data and information, operations, talents, and mechanism construction.

The company focuses on the pharmaceutical business, and continuously strengthens its core competitiveness such as product advantages, brand advantages, marketing advantages, research and development advantages, and resource advantages: (1) In terms of product layout, the company continues to enrich its product 上海夜网论坛 categories, optimize its product structure, and accelerate the transition from a single product to multiple products.Variety, multi-gradient breakthroughs; (2) In terms of brand building, the company focuses on patients to enhance customer experience.

Strengthen interaction and communication with key customers, increase customer stickiness, and increase brand awareness; (3) In terms of marketing advantages, through the diversification of investment invitations, rationally coordinate the development of omni-channels and multi-channel collaboration to further promote academic marketing; (4)In terms of research and development, the report was significant and the company’s research and development expenses were 2131.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 39 in ten years.

76%, research and development efforts continue to strengthen, the company is committed to promoting clinical research of products and Tibetan medicine standards research, while enriching the company’s product line.


The investment suggestion company is a leader in Tibetan medicine. Looking ahead, the first-line varieties of Xiaotong plaster are expected to improve the perfect sales channel layout and maintain a rapid growth rate; the second-line varieties of ointments and pills promote sustained development.The three retail drivers achieved rapid growth in performance.

In addition, the company vigorously promotes brand building and enriches product category structure, and future development is worth looking forward to.

We have appropriately raised our profit forecast and expect the net profit to be 3 in 2018-2020.

45 trillion, corresponding to 0 EPS.



10 yuan, corresponding to PE is 30/27/23 times.

Maintain a “cautious recommendation” rating.


Risk reminder drug price reduction risk, new product marketing progress is less than expected

Fuanna (002327): Offline channel expansion with performance in line with expectations strives to drive performance growth

Fuanna (002327): Offline channel expansion with performance in line with expectations strives to drive performance growth

The event company disclosed its annual report and achieved revenue of 29 in 2018.

180,000 yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.

55%, net profit attributable to mothers5.

43 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.


Basic income is 0.

65 yuan.

A cash dividend of 5 yuan (including tax) is to be distributed for every 10 shares.

  Investment Highlights Revenue growth rate in the second half of the year follows the zero interest rate of the company, and preferential tax rates promote rapid growth in net profit: quarterly, Q1 to Q4 achieved revenue growth of 28%, 12%, 7%, and 7%, respectively.At the same time as the company’s zero growth rate was expected, Q1 to Q4 achieved net profit growth of 22%, 11%, 29%, 0%, respectively. The replacement of net profit growth in the fourth quarter was mainly derived from the replacement of revenue growth rate, andFrom the fourth quarter, the company obtained reorganization recognition, enjoyed interest rate increases, and promoted the rapid growth of net profit in the 南宁桑拿 first three quarters of 2018.

  In terms of different channels, in 2018, the company’s e-commerce channel revenue accounted for about 29%, and the online platform traffic dividend gradually disappeared. At the same time, online revenue increased by about 16%, and online and offline revenue was estimated to increase by about 10%.

In 2018, the company added 129 franchised stores, and the number of offline channel terminals at the end of the year was about 1,310. The expansion of the channel pushed the offline channel to maintain a steady revenue growth.

  In terms of profitability, the company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was basically the same as in 2017, and sometimes rose slightly by 0.

24pct to 49.


The expense ratio increased slightly during the period, among which the sales expense ratio increased by 1.

79 天津夜网 points to 24.

03%, management expenses and research and development expenses accounted for 0% increase in revenue.

19 points to 5.

03%, the financial expense ratio rose by 0.

15pct to 0.

12%, the total expense ratio increased by 2.

13pct to 29.


The growth rate of interest rates made the final net interest rate roughly flat, with a slight decrease of 0 each year.

24 points to 18.


  The offline channel terminal plan continues to develop and the online channel organization expands to meet the challenge: In 2019, the company plans to add offline franchisees and about 170 direct-operated stores, focusing on economically developed regions, and continuing to tap blank markets. The number of terminals is expected to increase nearly13%, promoting the continuous growth of offline channel revenue; the company’s e-commerce team has undergone organizational changes to meet fierce e-commerce competition, or it will continue to promote the company’s faster growth in the trend of young consumers.
  Investment suggestion: We predict that the company’s earnings from 2019 to 2021 will be 0.

71, 0.

78 and 0.

86 yuan.

  Return on net assets were 15.

0%, 14.

8% and 14.

6%, maintaining the “overweight-A” recommendation.

  Risk Warning: Home textile retail terminal sales growth; market competition may put pressure on gross profit margins; Meijia’s home business may grow faster than expected.

Nervous breakdown massage therapy

Nervous breakdown massage therapy

Insomnia, dreams, groggy, bad memory, easy to distract, irritated, stunned, tinnitus. What happened during this time?

Gastrointestinal discomfort, fever, cold hands and feet, panic in my heart, breathlessness, uncomfortable. I won’t get any serious illness?

Often people complain without fear.

However, after careful examination by doctors, it is found that the current people are suffering from neurasthenia!

The neurasthenia caused by high-tempo, high-stress life has indeed led to many people. However, mastering the following self-massage method can alleviate these symptoms.

  Point 攒 bamboo, 揉 forehead, press 揉 Baihui: take the sitting position or lying position, first use the double thumb to hold the 攒 bamboo point (brow sag), slowly exert force, about 1 minute, to have a partial acid sensation;Then use the big fish to rub the forehead, about 2 minutes; the last double middle finger is forced to squat for about 1 minute at the Baihui point (the center of the head).

  Five fingers take the head: Five fingers open, from the forehead to the back, force dozens of times.

  Abdominal: Take the supine position, the palms of the two are stacked, with the center of the gods (navel) as the center, in the middle abdomen, the lower abdomen, in the clockwise direction, with a sense of heat in the abdomen, about 2 minutes.

  Point suffocating sea, Guan Yuan: The patient takes a sitting position or a supine position, and uses the thumb or forefinger to resist the sea of air (under the umbilicus 1).

5 inches), Guanyuan (3 inches below the navel), slowly twitching, 1 minute per hole.

  Press 揉三阴交: Take the seat, bend over, use the thumb of both hands to hold the double Sanyinjiao points (3 inches above the inset), press firmly for 2 minutes.

May Day Parent-Child Yoga with Children

May Day Parent-Child Yoga with Children

Take advantage of the May Day holiday and do “parent-child yoga” with your children, which will not only exercise your body, but also communicate well with your child ‘s physiology.

We ask senior yoga instructors to teach you some basic “parent-child yoga” exercises, you can practice at home or take a special course in the yoga studio.

What needs to be reminded is: pay attention to safety when practicing, do not pay special attention to whether each action can be done, the focus is to strengthen the inner communication and interaction between parents and children through such exercises.

  When the lotus seat starts parent-child yoga practice, you can use the lotus seat sitting position and place the child’s hand on the mother’s palm.

The primary goal is to allow both the mother and the child to calm down, close their eyes and feel each other calmly. At the same time, this sitting position brings the child closer to the mother’s heartbeat, and also brings a sense of security.

  Lotus seat variant This is the action of the lotus seat variant, which can hug the child on his chest to let the child notice the warmth of the mother, or gently raise the child’s hands high to do some simple warm-up movements.

  The dog-down mother adopts a kneeling posture, and the child supports the ground with both hands and his feet on the mother’s shoulders, but this straightens up the body.

This action can help children exercise their arm strength, and also help the internal organs develop.

  When doing this in a boat, you can adjust the distance between your mother and your child in advance. The child and mother will lift up their feet together, step on the soles of their feet together, hold both hands, and step on the pedal with each other.

  This action is mainly to exercise the abdominal muscles and also protect the spine.

  Simple inverted-arrow mother bends her legs on the mat, and lays the child in the position of the mother. The mother and child hold each other’s hands, and the mother’s legs slowly straighten up to raise the child.

  This exercise is aimed at the mother’s abdomen and pelvic exercises, and also increases the fun in parent-child yoga practice.

  Head upside down, the mother bends her legs on the supine pad, so that the child lies on the mother’s body. It is advisable that the child can resist the mother’s abdomen when the child lowers his head.

Mother slowly straightened her legs upwards to support the child in a headstand posture.

You must tell the children to hold their mother’s legs tightly in advance. The mother supports the children’s waist and hips with both hands. The movement should be slow to prevent injuries caused by excessive force.

  This action is to exercise children’s cerebellar balance.

  Half of the spine was twisted on the cushions of mother and daughter, with one leg in a pan position, and the other leg stepped on the ground across the pan position, with one hand on top of the head and twisting the body.

This action also allows the mother and daughter to sit opposite each other, each twisting their bodies backwards.

  The plane-type mother lay on the mat in a supine position, flexed her legs, and allowed the child to stand between the mother’s feet. The mother’s feet stepped on the child’s groin, and the mother and the child clenched their hands.

Mother slowly raised her legs and hands, and the child was lifted.

In this process, the mother must also teach the children to straighten their backs and tighten their hips.

When the mother’s legs are straight and the child’s body is almost aligned, tell the child to look up.

Hold this position for a while, then slowly resume the movement until the child is smoothly lowered.

  Airplane style is very helpful for strong children’s spine, preventing humpback, and also helps children grow taller.

As with the simple inverted arrow and headstand movements, as long as the child moves off the ground, the child’s sense of balance can be strengthened.

But you must pay attention to safety when doing this action, you can try to practice first.

  The tree mother and the child stand on the mat with their feet close together. The child straightens up and lifts his right leg, steps his right foot on the left leg, aligns his hands upwards, and the mother holds the child’s hand from behind.

  Tree exercises can help children straighten their spine and prevent hump.

  The latch-type mother and the child kneeled on the cushion with one leg, the other leg was straight, and one arm squeezed and stretched the side waist.

  This action has the effect of stretching the intercostal muscles on the mother and child, increasing the elasticity of the waist muscles, and improving the cardiopulmonary function of adults and children.

  Butt snake complete snake practice is mainly to strengthen the hip muscles, regulate the autonomic nervous system, and have a certain effect on improving sleep.

  Completely snake-like and more interesting, let the child lie on the mother’s back, change the mother’s hands to support the upper body to lift up, it will be more fun to do.

  The spine-inclined mother straightened her legs and sat on the mat, letting the child stand on the mat with her back to back, holding hands with each other, her mother’s upper body going forward, and the child lying on the mother’s back.

  This movement is the same as half-spine twist. It is followed by stretching and exercises. It has the effect of squeezing and massaging the internal organs. For mothers, it can also adjust the endocrine balance.

Conditioning Healing Rhinitis and other diseases

Conditioning Healing Rhinitis and other diseases

Today, I recommend a dish of “cold purslane”. This dish can be used to treat diseases such as hemorrhoids and rhinitis. Let’s get to know some together.

  Cold Purslane Process: Mixing Taste: Sour and Sweetness Correction: Other functions: Skin Disease Conditioning Clearing Heat Detoxification Conditioning Mastitis Conditioning Hemorrhoids Conditioning Rhinitis Conditioning

05 kcal protein 12.

38 grams aunt 12.

54 grams of pantothenic acid 1.

21 mg glucose 28.

74 grams of glucose fiber 4.

02 grams of carotene 11.

15 μg thiamine 0.

17 mg riboflavin 0.

58 mg of Niacin 1.

45 mg calcium 440.

99 mg phosphorus 296.

2 mg potassium 85.

25 mg of sodium 65.

46 mg of magnesium 14.

45 mg of iron 9.

64 mg of zinc.

95 mg selenium 0.

89 mcg copper.

09 mg manganese 0.

23 mg 2. Preparation method Wash purslane and cut into sections.

The cactus is stabbed, peeled and shredded.

  Add boiled water to the second flavor, add sugar, vinegar, and sesame oil, mix well.

  3. It is recommended to eat with meal time.

  5, food gram purslane: This product and scutellaria gram.

  Through the above food therapy recommendations, people with skin diseases, mastitis, hemorrhoids and rhinitis can add this dish when eating, hoping to help everyone.

6 abnormalities in newborns need not panic

6 abnormalities in newborns need not panic


Newborns who lose weight lose weight after birth because the baby has been soaked in amniotic fluid (100% humidity) in the mother’s body, coupled with the baby’s eating has not been on track, the urine and urine discharged every day, the breath and the skin are invisibleWater, etc., causes water loss in the body, causing weight loss within one week of birth.

Delicate weight can reach up to 10% of birth weight.

As your baby gradually adapts, by the 10th day, he will gain weight.

If the weight does not increase or even decline after 10 days, it may be improper replacement or affected by the disease.


Babies who have not spit milk for less than 3 months, the cardia muscles are not fully developed, and the newborn has a small stomach capacity. Therefore, most babies will slowly overflow from the corners of their mouths after feeding, crying frequently or tapping next to each other.More or less white milk.

Therefore, after feeding, the family can use their hands to pat the baby for a few seconds to prevent the baby from crying excessively.

As you age, your symptoms of vomiting will gradually ease.

However, if the milk is ejected and the volume is large, or if the material is yellowish green, further inspection is required.

  3.The top of the head is swollen, and the head of a newborn child born vaginal is generally oval, like a bag.

This is caused by compression of the fetal head in the birth canal during childbirth.

Some babies have soft lumps on their heads after birth. This is a scalp edema or hematoma caused by compression during childbirth, which is usually 6 after birth.
Can disappear in 10 weeks.

However, if the mass increases progressively or does not disappear after 10 weeks, seek medical attention in a timely manner.

  4.Newborns with long horse teeth often have milky white granules near the gingival margin or midline of the upper jaw. The surface is smooth and the number ranges from 1 to dozens.

These particles are clinically called epithelial beads, commonly known as horse teeth, which are the most primitive tissues for tooth development. At 6 weeks of development, they are formed by the deterioration of oral mucosal epithelial cells.

Generally, it can be absorbed by itself in about 2 weeks. Do not pick it with a needle or wipe it with a cloth to avoid damaging the mucous membrane and causing infection.

  5.Redness of urine The newborns have dark urine and slight turbidity in the first few days, and sometimes a faint red color is seen on the diaper, which is normal and usually disappears after 5-6 days, but if this condition persists after 10 days, it isSeek medical attention if abnormal.

  6.Cross-eying In general, the newborn’s early eyeballs are not fixed, it looks a little cross-eyed, and the eye muscles are poorly adjusted. It often has short-term strabismus, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is especially common in babies with broad face shapes and sunken noses.
Parents should often hold the baby to look at various places indoors or outdoors, to promote the baby’s eyeballs constantly to prevent cross-eyes.

But if your baby is still cross-eyed over 1 year old, you need to go to the hospital for eye examination.