Stretching can help the weight loss expert teach you to shape the lean body


Stretching can help the weight loss expert teach you to shape the lean body

Japan’s well-known medical doctor Sato Wancheng has helped more than 2,000 patients to lose weight.

Recently, he proposed a “stretching weight loss method”, as long as three times a day, 70 seconds each time, can create easy and lean body, simple and easy, and soon became a topic in Japan!

銆€銆€First explain why why can you lose weight when you stretch?

In fact, this is because stretching can increase the basal metabolism in the following three ways: 1.

Promote the uncle’s burning and stretching when you can stimulate the muscles of the back, especially the spine to stand up, the exercise is easy to burn the uncle’s physique.


At the same time, abdominal and chest breathing can be unconsciously relaxed when abdominal breathing and chest breathing are stretched.

Through these two breathing methods, it can stimulate the activity of the internal organs, and can also improve the function of breathing and promote the basal metabolism of the body.


Using the muscles of the whole body to stretch and stretch can make the muscles of the whole body soft and elastic.

Especially for the exercise of the abdominal muscles, as well as the sculpture of the waist curve, it is very helpful.

銆€銆€After getting up, stretch and exercise to stretch and wake up before going to bed.

Lying on the bed, facing the ceiling, gently stretched the waist and body!

Put your hands up close to your ears and stretch them out. Spread your legs slightly and straighten your fingers and fingers.

Concentrate on abdominal breathing: “Inhale, exhale” 15 seconds x 2 times.

銆€銆€The full version of the “Stretching Weight Loss Method” is as long as three steps before the three meals a day, according to the following steps for 70 seconds of stretching (at this time as long as 3 minutes and 30 seconds), you can effectively exercise into a body that is not easy to gain weight!

銆€銆€Step 1: Stretch your arms while keeping your hands facing each other (with abdominal breathing for 15 seconds x 2 times) for 30 seconds. Keep your feet apart and shoulder width. Tilt your hands up, face up, and back to back.

Concentrate on abdominal breathing: “Inhale, exhale” 15 seconds x 2 times.

銆€銆€Step2: Stretching and exercising is also helpful for health Step2: Stretching, hands and palms up (with chest breathing for 15 seconds x 2 times) for 30 seconds and Step1 in the same position, hands crossed the palms up.

Breathing methods use chest breathing鈥攄eep breathing inhales a lot of air into the lungs.

“Inhale, exhale” 15 seconds x 2 times.

銆€銆€If you feel that it is difficult and painful to breathe for 15 seconds, you can start with 10 seconds at the beginning!

Don’t be too reluctant, let the stretching exercise last longer is more important!

銆€銆€Step3: Relax your body for 10 seconds. Step1 and Step2 are all leaning backwards. In order to balance the body, you need to perform compression movements on the forward and sideways.

銆€銆€A, the body bends to the left and right sides once, and the side abdominal muscles that are not used when the head is aligned are exercised.

Be careful to squeeze your palms inward and slowly!

銆€銆€B, bend forward, to shrink the muscles of the end of the contraction when stretching, when the hand can not touch the floor, it does not matter, you can replace it!

銆€銆€After getting used to the above stretching exercise, you can also challenge the application.

In daily life, the lazy movement becomes a habit, improving basal metabolism, and cultivating lean body mass!

銆€銆€In addition to improving basal metabolism and cultivating lean body mass, stretching exercises also have an effect on health!


Preventing overeating: Long-term stretching exercises can adjust postures, prevent muscles that support visceral degeneration, prevent visceral sagging, and prevent overeating.

In addition, stretching can accelerate blood circulation, stimulate sympathetic activation, and suppress appetite.


Preventing and relieving back pain can relieve the firming of stiff muscles, improve blood circulation, and improve back pain.

In addition, the increase in muscle mass can also prevent back pain.


Improve the amount of cold muscles in the hands and feet, and the ability of the body to generate heat energy will also increase, which can improve the coldness of hands and feet.銆€銆€4.

Improving constipation Abdominal breathing can promote cross-sectional activity and produce the effect of massaging the internal organs.

The gastrointestinal liver is stimulated and constipation can be improved.


Eliminating stress and stretching can adjust the function of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

The sympathetic nerves secrete a substance that calms the mind and eliminates stress.

銆€銆€Such a simple stretch of exercise, but there are so many benefits, as long as a short 70 seconds, why not?