“Aerobic exercise” can consume more energy, but “anaerobic exercise” does not have such effect?

Strong error correction!

Come see the truth!


The most fearless stupid thing: eat less during weight loss, so pick the best!

銆€銆€”I am losing weight and eating very little. In order to help me to work hard to lose weight day and night, of course I should eat the best!

“Strong error correction: Eat “good”?

This is not a smart move for a weight loss program.

The amount of consumption > the transient of absorption, this is the basic principle of weight loss.

Therefore, low-level food is the first choice for diet.

And “good” – those that are delicious, often fragrant, oily, sweet, and finely crafted foods, all of which are high in content.

銆€銆€New concept: Conversion density refers to the ratio of transient to weight contained in a particular food product.

Cosmic density = speed 梅 weight.

The specific gravity and protein in plasma are larger, but the bulk density is much lower.

100 grams of vegetables and fruits contain 10 cards of conversion, while 100 grams of steak contains 250 calories, even if you eat 1/4 steak, the conversion is greater than 100 grams of vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables, fruits, and grains at the top of the pyramid are large, low-density foods.

These foods are the mainstay during weight loss, and you don’t need to eat less.


The most comforting stupid thing: “Multiple meals” can lose weight!

銆€銆€”I have heard that eating small meals can lose weight. In that case, I won’t stretch my stomach, so I changed my three meals a day to five meals a day.

“Strong error correction: “eat less meals” can effectively control the amount of food we eat every meal, so that the metabolism is relatively static, but only: the total calories of daily replacement is fixed, we just take them from three mealsTake five meals to eat.

But if you only remember the “multiple meals”, your mouth should not be eaten leisurely. The day, it is bigger than the original three meals a day, the result is self-evident.


The most torturous stupid thing: sleep late, stay up all night and slim down!

銆€銆€”Overtime and night can lose weight, my brain keeps turning, so hard, will consume more content.

“Strong error correction: the tired and thin statement is getting more and more untenable.”

Staying up late, you may eat supper, and eating supper will generally make you fatter.


Biologically, people are animals that move during the day. At night, the various functions of the human body naturally enter a state of rest.

Only the synthesis of sputum insulin, extra secreted at night.

This means that eating the same thing is more likely to become slightly precipitated at night.

Therefore, Chinese medicine practitioners who have the “harmony between man and nature” say that it is good work at dawn, and it is necessary to rest well when it is dark.


The most stupid thing: eat fine and slim!

銆€銆€”I feel that eating fine helps digestion. Some apples must be peeled and some toxins are not eaten into the body.

“Strong error correction: In the impression of many people, eating fine is a performance of high-quality life, can eat “health and slim”, but in fact it is not.

Too fine food has caused some healthy substances to be lost.

In fact, eating too fine food such as fine grains and egg milk can easily lead to constipation, which puts pressure on metabolism and weight loss.Therefore, eating more foods of retinal fiber can promote resonance and peristalsis, which is beneficial to digestion and weight loss.

Of course, we can peel off the apple skin because we are worried about pesticides, but the apple skin is also a good thing to help the body toxins!


The most knowledgeable stupid thing: play cooking, diet food must be delicious!

銆€銆€鈥淓ven in weight loss, I know that I love myself a little more, cooking to the limit, making delicious treats.

Strong error correction: the fresher and more natural the food is more conducive to weight loss.

This is a health strategy recognized by dietitians around the world: because food processing often adds too much flavor, oil and starch, which increases the burden of metabolism and injects more of the body into the body.

So in the same food, should you choose the most original and fresh way to eat, such as apples or juice?

Of course, Apple is the best choice!

銆€銆€Processing “soft, rotten” foods often speeds up eating.

The human body transmits the message of fullness to the central nervous system of the brain through the increase of blood sugar level and the feeling of satiety of the stomach. If the eating speed is too fast, the person cannot feel fullness in time, resulting in excessive eating.

銆€銆€Chewing can also consume energy and strengthen teeth.

Small experiment: Chewing a 6-gram chewing gum at a time, can consume about 10 calories per hour.

The amount of consumption is not related to chewing gum, or how much it is consumed by chewing.


The most ignorant stupid thing: I am, I jump, I exercise to lose weight. “Sports weight loss is definitely right?

I am going to spend a hundred meters with me every evening!

“Strong error correction: “aerobic exercise” can consume more heat, “anaerobic exercise” has no such effect.

Aerobic exercise must have three conditions: the energy required for exercise is mainly provided by sputum or sugar in the oxidized body; the muscles of the whole body are involved during exercise; the exercise intensity is between low and medium, and the duration is 15?
40 minutes or.

Such as brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming, cycling and various ball games.

“Aerobic exercise” refers to the movement of muscles in a state of “anoxia” at high speed, vertical, and burst.

Such as running, weightlifting, throwing, high jump, long jump, tug-of-war, etc.

MM who wants to lose weight, of course, do more “aerobic exercise”!


The most stupid thing: vegetarianism can definitely be thin!

銆€銆€”What can be suspected about vegetarian diet?
I don’t usually eat meat, just to make it taste better, I will put more oil to stir-fry, so the taste is very good!

Vegetarian food correction: vegetarianism has become a hot topic, too many people agree that vegetarian diet can lose weight.

Vegetarians, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, etc., are meaningful in comparison to animal foods of the same weight.

But anyone who eats less than the body’s consumption, the body’s sputum can be slowly reduced, not just vegetarians.

There are also many high-transition foods in the vegetarian diet, some fried spring rolls, vegetarian dishes and other vegetarian dishes based on oily substrates.

銆€銆€Be careful: oil is even higher than the conversion of meat!

1 kg of oil is not saturated, and 1 kg of meat is left after cooking.

If you take these high-oil vegetarian diets instead of lean meat, you can’t achieve the goal of losing weight.


The most deadly stupid thing: want to lose weight – hungry, hungry, or hungry “I think losing weight is to test willpower, must be hungry until I am hungry to my satisfactory weight.

“Strong error correction: What kind of taste is hungry?”

Insomnia, dizziness, fatigue and a series of physiological adverse reactions.

If you are hungry, hypoglycemia and gastric perforation are the most likely complications.

The problem is that the body does not lead you. Once you continue to starve, the rate of metabolism will also drop, so the transformation of the body will become less, leading to weight loss failure. 銆€銆€9.

The most arrogant thing: When I am angry, I will eat “I use food to vent my depression!

Especially when I am eating people, eating, eating, and I am like this, I really can’t look in the mirror.

Research on strong error correction: Psychological research proves that many people’s bulimia and snacks are often emotional anxiety, depression, boredom, and low habits.

Many obese people have the experience that when eating, the facial muscles are quickly relaxed and the emotions tend to be calm.

Therefore, having a happy and relaxed mood is also the key to maintaining a good body.

Listening to the reaction of the stomach is one of the differences between fat people and thin people.

People who are slimmer usually have a feeling of fullness before they feel full – the body usually takes 20 minutes to get full of sensation – they don’t eat anymore, and you can’t receive this signal because of psychological problems, you will continue to eat, and the best way to deal with it is to quantifySupply, otherwise you will blow like a balloon.


The most eccentric stupid thing: liposuction is an immediate way to lose weight. “Why don’t you go to liposuction?”

I have done liposuction surgery on the abdomen, and it works great!

There is nothing more slimming and more painful than using a scalpel to take your aunt away.

“Strong error correction: Nowadays, many people choose to lose weight and lose weight. They think that it is thinner when they want to lose weight, and they don’t rebound, how great!”

But the aunt who is under your skin has been taken away, and the aunt’s aunt has not been taken away. This method of weight loss has temporarily made your good shape, but it can not reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and achieve health.

銆€銆€The two concepts of 鈥渨eight loss鈥?and 鈥渓iposuction鈥?must distinguish between liposuction and body improvement. It is not suitable for large-area weight loss from the body’s ability to withstand and ensure the safety of surgery.

For those who are over-obese, under the guidance of doctors and dietitians, adequate and reasonable eating habits and appropriate exercise should be used to achieve healthy weight loss.


The most costly stupid thing: diet pills – eat it, eat it, eat it, not sin “Eating diet pills is an emergency slimming method, it can make me lose weight quickly, so I often take medicine when I need to lose weight”Wrong: Hey. let’s see how weight loss drugs work: suppress appetite, increase energy expenditure, and inhibit intrinsic digestion and absorption.

Anti-appetite diet pills containing amphetamine, fenfluramine and other ingredients, can reduce appetite, reduce food intake, reduce weight, but there will be adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Diet pills that increase energy expenditure are some central stimulants and hormonal drugs that cause adverse side effects on the nerves and heart.

Diet pills that inhibit toxic digestion and absorption can inhibit the absorption of abnormal absorption, but can cause complications such as abdominal pain and diarrhea.

The common denominator of all diet pills is that they rebound after stopping the drug.