Reducing stress with yoga

Reducing stress with yoga

“Stress makes the entire physiological system run too fast,” said Garrett Sally, chairman and chief executive officer of the Clipparo Yoga and Wellness Center in Massachusetts. “Muscle tension, faster heartbeat, changes in breathing patterns, and stressThe reason continues, in which case the body will secrete more hormones, which will affect blood sugar levels and increase blood pressure.

Yoga is one of the few tools to reduce stress and has a positive effect on all physical systems.

“Recognizing the harmful effects that stress can have on heart disease in particular, the Heart Prevention and Rehabilitation Center at the Los Angeles-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, USA, has been providing yoga training to patients more than 10 years ago.

  ”For many years, yoga has become one of our main treatments for stress management.

Noel, MD, of the Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Center of the Side-Sinai Medical Center.

  Understanding Yoga In the past 5000 years, yoga has undergone several changes. Now it is mainly practiced in the following ways: as a way to maintain physical fitness and health.

  As a treatment for health recovery or rehabilitation prevention.

  As a way of life.

  As a mental training.

  There are several common basic practices for the various exercises.

The first is the development of consciousness: the ability to focus on what you are doing.

It’s actually relaxation. Relaxation releases the tension and uneasiness inside your body.

Conscious breathing is another very important part of yoga. The practice of breathing can exercise the strength and ability of your lungs, bringing your body and spirit into one.

  Sarah said: “Without the above aspects, yoga has become a simple exercise.

“Beginning there are several ways you can practice yoga.

With a few days of yoga, you know how to practice, and you know that this style is best for you.

Many yoga centers across the country offer different types and levels of yoga practice.

To find a yoga center that is closer to you, you have to search online for “yoga practice”.

  Or, you can take a yoga class right where you are.

Even if you just want to practice yourself, it’s important to do some basic training.

Adult classes, YMCA, health clubs, hospitals and yoga studios all offer yoga classes.

But you have to ask how much training time you will have in this class. A few hours is not enough.

  Beginners should go to those beginner or “average” yoga classes.

It is hoped that the atmosphere of these classes will be relaxed without competition.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes, insert cushions or blankets and sit down.

Don’t be shocked by pictures of people who twist into difficult poses.

There are several gentle and simple poses, and each student can do what they feel comfortable with.

If the yoga class you are attending is not for you, switch to something else.

  You can also learn yoga from some audio, video shows, or magazines, but getting personal guidance often leads to better results in your studies, and you are more likely to stick to this exercise.

In general, yoga is how to take care of and treat yourself.

  ”By increasing your sensitivity to your body and your spirit, you will learn to discover the ins and outs of stress, and you can take preventative measures,” Sarah said.

Yoga can teach you to develop your body, mind and spirit, and make you have a healthier lifestyle.

Eight rules of a happy marriage

Eight rules of a happy marriage

American psychologist Cachite?

Based on research, Wallistan launched the book “Happy Marriage.”

The book collects a large number of examples of “good marriage” and concludes eight “good marriage” rules.

The book caused a sensation in the United States and became a popular bestseller.

The eight rules are as follows: 1. End the past and start again.

  2. Don’t just think about yourself, be prepared to make concessions at any time.

  3. Sex is the foundation of marriage, and it is committed to changing inconsistencies.

  4, looking for time to be alone, they are still a couple after marriage.

  5, humor has a special meaning, learn to make a joke when encountering daily troubles.

  6, come up with a solution to the contradiction, do not be patient or use force.

  7. Learn to deal with family crises.

  8. Both sides support each other.

Parents often quarrel more likely to hurt children than divorce

Parents often quarrel more likely to hurt children than divorce

A recent survey shows that children whose parents often quarrel have more psychological problems than children from divorced families.

Experts warn that it is the minimum responsibility of parents to make children feel safe. Adults should not consider feelings to be two people’s affairs, and then attack and scold each other. The psychological consequences of children will make life difficult to overcome.

  The survey involved 855 junior and senior high school students in Harbin.

The results of statistical analysis show that parents often quarrel with family children to detect corrective measures for psychological problems.

68% of divorced families are 30.

30%, 18 for harmonious families.


  ”Some parents have said that they are not divorced for the sake of their children, but they continue to ‘smog smoke.’

Wang Limin, a professor of medical psychology at Harbin Medical University surveyed by the host, said that children who often face the “war” of families often have obstacles, concerns, doubts, and lack of confidence in their future lives. They are especially prone to fear of marriage.The child pointed out that “I don’t want to repeat the tragedy of my parents, and grow up firmly not to marry.”

  In the survey, Wang Limin found that the ratio of divorce, the psychological experience of children’s quarrel with their parents is more obvious, and the degree of direct harm.

Experts suggest that if there are conflicts between couples that need to be resolved, the child’s psychological feelings should be considered, trying to control emotions, and not venting at will.

Take a step back, if it is necessary to avoid noisy, you should also avoid the child to change the environment, or let the child leave temporarily.

Dry Weather Recipe Horseshoe Root Carrot Bamboo Soup Chicken Soup

Dry Weather Recipe Horseshoe Root Carrot Bamboo Soup Chicken Soup

Winter is the season when horseshoes are “made”.

The horseshoe can clear the heat and moisturize the lungs, stagnate the liver and refresh the liver, soothing the liver and eyesight. It is very convenient to eat in dry weather at this time.

The beautiful soup introduced today is made of horseshoes with fresh radish root, carrots and bamboo chicken, and the soup tastes fresh and beautiful. It can also nourish the yin and tonic in addition to being moisturized. It is worth a try.

For 4 people: 1.

Wash and slaughter the bamboo shredded chicken, chop the pieces, pick up the water and rinse with cold water for future use;

2. Wash and peel the horseshoe, carrots, and cut carrots;

Boil the clear water in the clay pot, add all the ingredients, boil it with wuhuo, turn to the simmering pot for two hours, season with salt and serve.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin tonic, strengthening spleen and nourishing qi, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Oatmeal can supplement growth fiber_1

Oatmeal can supplement fiber

Recently, the survey report of “Guangzhou Residents’ Population Habits” released by the China Nutrition Alliance pointed out that the citizens of Guangzhou have a serious shortage of dietary fiber. Although it has the benefits of coarse grains, it is consumed infrequently.

In the discussion, nutrition expert Zeng Xiaofei discussed that citizens should develop the habit of eating coarse grains every day.

In cereals, oats with the highest fiber content are expected to be the best choice.

  Can fiber supplements help to lose weight?

  What is concentrated fiber?

Fiber supplementation is an important part of a balanced diet.

It comes from natural plants, but the body cannot absorb this substance.

This means that fiber is not a nutrient and therefore contains no transformations or vitamins.

However, eating more plasma fiber can reduce the plasma in the blood; it can help the digestive system process food and absorb nutrients; it can control blood sugar levels and suppress appetite.

It includes two different types, starting with insoluble fiber.

Simply put, it helps food to pass through the inside and facilitates bowel movements.

We can find it in the following foods: beans, coarse rice, oats, wheat bran and whole semolina, etc.

The other is soluble fiber, which can help lower plasma and control blood sugar.

The following foods contain it: apples, barley, oats, pears, strawberries, etc.

  Oatmeal rice is the most convenient way to increase the intake of increased fiber. The most lazy and easy way to import is to eat coarse and fine grains.

Nutrition expert Zeng Xiaofei teaches the road: “It is a healthy supplementary habit that the coarse and fine grains are matched with food”.

He explained: “The white rice we usually eat is milled white rice.

It has removed the bran and the most nutritious germ, leaving only the endosperm, which contains most of the starch.

And like oats in coarse grains, because they are directly pressed into whole grains, they retain bran and germ with rich nutrients.

And oat is one of the grains with the most dietary fiber, and it contains 10 times more supplementary fiber than white rice.

“For the most convenient oatmeal on the market today, we have to count Quaker’s exclusive oatmeal.

It does not need to be washed, just add a handful every day when cooking, and it can add enough supplementary fiber.

For the average adult, 25?
35 grams of fiber is enough.

  DIY recommendations for healthy dishes: Cooking with oats alone is a bit tedious. In fact, oat rice can also be changed into different dishes. Here are some simple DIY dishes that you can try.

  Tomato Mushroom Oatmeal Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, onion (chopped), 1 garlic, 4 teaspoons of mushroom (sliced), 1/2 cup Quaker Oatmeal, 2 cups of soup, 5 cups of water, tomatoes (chopped))), 2 cups of low fat milk or 2 cups of pure soy milk.

  Seasoning: appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of pepper powder.

  Method: ▲ Yi Jie put 1 teaspoon of oil and fragrant minced onion and garlic, add mushroom slices and fry until the onions and mushroom slices soften.

▲ Add Quaker Oatmeal, add soup, water, and tomatoes.

▲ After the materials are rolled up, cook on low heat for 5 minutes.

▲ Pour in low-fat milk or pure-flavored soy milk, season with a little salt and pepper, and cook until slightly opened.

Exercise also has a safe period!

Exercise also has a “safe period”!

Exercise also has a safety period, exercise intensity, exercise heart rate, exercise protection . Exercise is like a running locomotive, with seat belts attached, and within the speed range, enjoy yourself!
  ”What do you focus on most about sports?
What factors should you include in your sport . “This is a survey of women’s perceptions of sport.
Respondents were women aged 25 to 35 who had some exercise experience.
  The results show: the safety of the exercise, the effect of the exercise, whether the sportswear is beautiful, and whether it can be exercised with friends.
  These 4 items are the sports factors that attract the most attention from women.
Compared to men’s pursuit of excitement in sports, we pay more attention to enjoyment in sports. To be precise, we like to lose weight, make friends in a safe sports state, and make ourselves still look beautiful while sweating.
  海滨  安全系数:★★★★  运动强度:低-中  安全心率:130-170次/分钟  关键词:阳光、水、沙滩  链接1:水中慢跑――将胸口以上露出水面,四肢在水中如在陆地Swing back and forth like running.
Breathe at a constant rate to prevent stagnation of water.
  Link 2: Swim-Preparing for activity 5 minutes before entering the water to warm up the muscles.
  Link 3: Partner-The chance of underwater cramps is extremely high. Find a partner to launch into the water.
  Link 4: Sun protection-sunscreen with waterproof function.
  Link 5: Abrasions-Sand can cross-infect the skin after abrasion and should be bandaged as soon as possible.
  Link 6: Ankles-Walk carefully on the beach.
  Tennis Safety factor: ★ ★ ★ Exercise intensity: Medium Safe heart rate: 150-180 beats / minute Keywords: serve Link 1: Tennis elbow-fully move the wrist and elbow joints before playing, wear wrist and elbow pads.
  Link 2: Innings-rest at least 5 minutes between innings.
  Link 3: Posture-Novices should pay attention to the correct posture of the ball to avoid excessive muscle tension and injury.
  Link 4: Shoes-Comfortable soft-soled sneakers.
  Safe exercise time: Avoid noon or afternoon, strenuous exercise under strong sunlight may cause temporary dehydration.
  Gym Safety factor: ★ ★ ★ Exercise intensity: Medium Safe heart rate: 150-180 beats per minute Keywords: Fitness equipment Link 1: Various muscle tissues, joints, and heart of the body.
  Link 2: Protection-Finger Guards, Elbow Guards, Wrist Guards, Ankle Guards, Knee Guards, Gloves (A pair of cocoons on the exercise machine?
) Link 3: Water-timely and adequately replenish water.
  Link 4: Hypoglycemia-Prevent hypoglycemia during aerobic exercise.
Add a small amount of cookies, desserts and water during exercise.
Stop exercising when you have a headache, dizziness, or a fast heart rate.
  Safe exercise time: two hours before dinner, each lasting 30-45 minutes.
  Safety factor for bicycles: ★★★★★: Exercise intensity: Medium (Sports experts recommend the least invasive and most effective aerobic exercise!
) Safe heart rate: 130 times / minute in normal times, 160 times / minute or less in competitions Keywords: riding Link 1: helmet-mountain biking, wear a professional helmet!
  Link 2: Gloves-reduce friction when gripping the handle.
  Link 3: Saddle-Adjust the height of the saddle (after holding the saddle firmly, press the pedal with your heel. When the pedal reaches the lowest point, your legs should be straight.)
Change a pair of tight-fitting underwear and sit on a narrow seat for a long time, you will feel a little painful!
  Link 4: Shoes-Professional cycling sneakers are preferred, and hard sole sneakers are candidates to reduce leg pressure.
  Link 5: Water-always replenish fresh brine to avoid collapse.
  Safe exercise time: early morning.
The air is fresh, the light is plentiful, and the vehicle has fewer people, so you can relax all the way!
  Ball (Basketball / Football / Volleyball) Safety Factor: ★★★ Exercise Intensity: Medium ― Strong Safe Heart Rate: 180 times / minute or less Keywords: Confrontation 1 Link 1: Knee pads, leg guards, ankle guards-run!

run!run!Your joints are fragile, please protect!

In basketball and volleyball, wear finger guards and wrist guards.

  Link 2: Shorts-You will sweat a lot during the fierce competition, sweat will stick to the legs of the pants, and you will have a feeling of Mike not opening his legs, and you will be unhappy!

  Link 3: Shoes-Football: Football boots with good grip system.

  Basketball, volleyball: sneakers with shock absorption system.

  Safe exercise time: morning, dusk or cloudy with weak sunshine.

How to do housework to keep fit

How to do housework to keep fit

It takes about 60 calories for 15 minutes to sweep the floor; 190 calories for 1 hour for hand-washing; 180 calories for 45 minutes for ironing . The heat is busy all day long and you have to squeeze time to exercise.

In the recently launched “Shanghai People’s Sports Fitness Program Exercise Guide”, experts recommended the mopping exercise method for the first time, which made many citizens feel fresh.

Whether domestic chores can exercise fitness has been studied abroad as early as the 1990s.

Housework may not be a complete substitute for fitness, but it is necessary to contract the housework to the part-time worker. Instead of doing it yourself, do some physical activity.

  Researchers who have had alternatives in the UK and the US in two different perspectives believe that housework can be a substitute for fitness.

If a housewife performs 30 minutes of moderate activities every day, 5 days a week, the amount of exercise can keep people healthy.

For example, doing housework is a good way to burn your aunt every day.

Another view is that vacuuming and washing can clean the room, but not your excess meat.

  The reporter interviewed Zhang Chunhua, an associate professor in the Department of Sports Science of the Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. She has participated in the study of the “Shanghai People’s Sports Fitness Program Exercise Guide.”

Professor Zhang said, “While recommending traditional items such as Tai Chi and ballroom dancing, we first tried to introduce the mopping exercise method, which also set a precedent nationwide, and then added new content in this area.

Our starting point is to hope that everyone can maintain a certain amount of activity every day.

“With energy expenditure may not necessarily reduce weight. Experts from Harvard University and Stanford University in the United States have made a special study on the relationship between housework and health, and listed energy consumption tables for housework.

About 60 calories are consumed in 15 minutes for sweeping; about 190 calories in 1 hour for hand-washing; about 180 calories in 45 minutes for ironing; about 150 calories in 30 minutes for cleaning the windows; about 120 calories in 30 minutes with a vacuum cleanerTrace; dishwashing consumes about 45 calories in 15 minutes; cleaning up items consumes about 30 calories in 10 minutes.

  Through bit by bit of housework, if you can consume 2,000 calories per week, death due to cardiovascular disease will inevitably be 75% lower than those who do not do housework, and their life span can be extended by 5 to 10 years.

Professor Zhang said that many foreigners like to do their own chores, wash some cars and replace their lawns.

However, it should be pointed out that the cumulative consumption of housework is not large, mainly to maintain the balance between people’s daily shift intake and consumption, so it is not enough to rely on housework to reduce weight.

  Inverting household chores to turn boring single household chores into fitness activities, there is still a process of transformation.

Maybe labor such as sweeping the floor with waist and legs as the main force, you can sweep the floor while twisting the activity; when you are washing rice, you can use left and right hands in turn to drive the shoulders to swing.Swing your legs down and to the left and right; housework, mainly in a sitting position, can shake the pedals and shoulders rhythmically.

When shopping on the street and taking out garbage, try to use the opportunity of walking and going up and down the stairs to perform leg exercises.

In short, you can combine the specific situation to learn from your own design actions.

  The reporter interviewed a full-time mother, Ms. Shen.

She said that she often went to the gym to exercise before giving birth, and now she has no time to take the child every day. She has to work part-time to cook rice and do the housework by herself.

Because it is a duplex house, you have to run up and down several times a day.

When you are free, you can go for a walk with your child or a stroller.

She feels that as long as the right amount of food is eaten daily, such an amount of activity can play a role in maintaining body shape.

  Doing housework in a good mood If the housework is heavy, it is not good for the human spirit and physical strength.

Therefore, if you want to achieve the fitness effect of housework, you have to do it in a happy mood.

Foreign experts surveyed thousands of middle-aged and older women and found that women who can do two and a half hours of gardening work every week and women who like to take regular walks are physically energetic, less prone to gain weight, and have a lower heart rate when they are static than those who often fall intoWomen’s physical health during heavy housework.

  Housework should be done happily, that is, to be carried out in an orderly and undistorted manner.

In addition to drilling and cooking in the kitchen, cleaning the room, housekeeping flowers, and packing books, you can also adjust your mood.

It’s also a good idea to play some light music while doing housework.

In this way, an average of one hour of household chores per day can also perform the role of fitness.

17 Diet Therapies for Kidney Disease

17 Diet Therapies for Kidney Disease

The following 17 kidney diet diet porridges are used as a substitute for patients, reminding you that these 17 diet regimes may not be suitable for all patients with kidney disease. It is best that patients under the guidance of professional doctors conduct diet therapy according to their specific

In addition, if the patient’s condition is more serious, it is necessary to go to a professional hospital for active treatment in a timely manner, control the condition in a timely manner, and match the correct diet to get more results with less effort.

  Chronic nephritis patients have reasonable nephritis diet arrangements to play a very important role in recovery.

What should patients with nephritis eat and how much to eat, and what should be paid attention to in nephritis diet?

This is not clear in a single sentence.

The following 6 kinds of diet porridge with nephritis netizens reference, I hope it can be helpful to the rehabilitation of patients with nephritis.

  1、玉米须粥  [用料]:玉米须30克、车前叶30克、葱白一根、粳米100克。  [Manufacturing method]: chop the cleaned front leaves and put them into a casserole, then put in the corn shavings and scallion, add an appropriate amount of water and fry for 60 minutes on a low fire; remove the residue, then add the washed rice and add some waterBoil the porridge and it will come out in 40-50 minutes.

Take one dose daily, morning and evening, twice a day for 7 days.

  [Function]: Lee swelling, Tonglin turbid.

  [Applicable disease]: Applicable to patients with acute and chronic renal nephritis, urethritis, cystitis and other patients.

  2、黄芪粳米粥  [用料]:取黄芪60克,粳米50克,红糖少许。  [Manufacturing method]: first decoction astragalus with water for 40 minutes, take the medicinal juice and the previous rice to cook porridge, add brown sugar to simmer and eat, 2 times a day, 1 time each morning and evening.

  [Function]: It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach.

  [Indications]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with weak spleen and stomach.

  3、赤苡粳米粥  [用料]:取生黄芪、生苡仁各30克,赤小豆15克,鸡内金(研成细末)9克,金桔饼2枚。  [Preparation method]: first add 600 ml of water to astragalus, boil for 20 minutes, take the medicinal sauce and red adzuki beans, boil the kernel for 30 minutes, and then add chicken internal gold, 30 grams of rice before cooking into porridge, take 2 times a day, chew after eating1 kumquat cake, 1 dose per day.

  [Function]: It has a beneficial effect on temperature and yang.

  [Applicable disease]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with weak sunlight.

  4、茯苓粳米粥  [用料]:取白茯苓15克(研成细末)、粳米50克。  [Manufacturing method]: each cook porridge, 1 dose per day.

  [Function]: It has the effects of replenishing the heart and spleen, improving water and dampness, and relieving evils.

  [Applicable disease]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with deficiency of beer, dampness, and slight edema.

  5、荠菜粳米粥  [用料]:取新鲜荠菜250克,粳米50克。  [Manufacturing method]: Wash and chop the amaranth first, and cook with the previous rice, 1 dose per day.

  [Function]: It has the effects of strengthening spleen and diuresis, and stopping bleeding.

  [Applicable disease]: Suitable for chronic nephritis with deficiency of beer, edema and hematuria.

  6、芡实粥  [用料]:芡实30克,糯米30克,白果10枚。  [Manufacturing method]: first clean ginkgo husks and cores, cook ginkgo with glutinous rice and glutinous rice together to make porridge.

Once a day, 10 days is a course of treatment.

  [功用]:宜平肝潜阳,以固肾为主。  [Applicable disease]: chronic nephritis.

  Editor’s recommendation: Soak raw astragalus and ginseng slices in cold water for half an hour, put water in a casserole and boil, take juice after about 20 minutes, and add water for 20 minutes.

Take two servings of the second thick juice and the first one, one morning and one evening, add an appropriate amount of water to cook porridge with rice, and take it on an empty stomach for a period of 5 days.

  Patients with nephrotic syndrome have a proper diet and porridge diet, which can adjust the functions of the human organs and viscera, adjust yin and yang, and recuperate and eliminate evil, so as to have a certain therapeutic effect.

Patients with nephrotic syndrome due to a large amount of proteinuria, lower plasma protein, lower plasma colloid osmotic pressure, leakage of fluid from the plasma to the tissues, and edema. When the protein is supplemented, high-quality protein can be appropriately added to the diet.Black fish soup is a better choice.

The following dietetic porridges can be used as a reference for patients with nephrotic syndrome.

  1. Poria cocklebur porridge 25 grams, cocklebur 30 grams, jujube 10, 100 grams of rice.  First soak the red bean in cold water for half a day, then cook the rice with porridge and jujube.

Take warm breakfast and dinner.

  2, Maogan bean congee 200 grams of fresh grass root, 200 grams of rice, 200 grams of red beans.

  Add the right amount of fresh radish root, decoction, add the previous rice, red beans, and cook into porridge.

3 points per day?
Take 4 times.

  3, corn bean jujube porridge corn 50 grams, white lentils 25 grams, jujube 50 grams.

  Cook the above 3 flavors into porridge and consume it once a day.

  4, light heart flower catfish porridge light heart flower 5?
8 notes, catfish 1?
2 strips, 30 grams of white rice.

  Remove the scales and internal organs of the sturgeon, wrap them in gauze, and cook porridge with enthusiasts and white flowers.

Even serving 2?
4 times.

  5, Yu Li barley porridge Yu Liren 50 grams, barley kernels 60 grams.

  First fry the plum juice, remove the residue, replace the plum juice with plum juice, add coix kernels, and cook the porridge as usual.

Serve twice daily with warm meals.

  6, 500 grams of dog meat wheat kernel porridge dog meat, 100 grams of wheat kernel (ie wheat peeled).

  First wash the dog meat, cut into small pieces, put it into the clay pot with the wheat kernels, add an appropriate amount of water, cook the porridge as usual, and use the cooked porridge as the degree.

Take on an empty stomach.

  Diabetic nephropathy patients with diet porridge Diabetic nephropathy mainly has renal impairment, and patients will continue to lose a large amount of protein from urination.

So is there a diabetic nephropathy diet that can be recommended to patients?

The following several diabetic kidney disease dietary treatments can have good effects on protein supplementation for patients. If patients can switch to these diabetic kidney disease dietary treatments, they can improve the elimination of proteinuria and help restore kidney function to a certain extent.

  1. Astragalus porridge raw astragalus 30?
60 grams, previously 60 grams of rice, 10 grams of tangerine.

First remove the astragalus decoction, then add the previous rice to make porridge, and add porridge after the porridge is finished.

This prescription can improve kidney function, eliminate proteinuria, and enhance physical fitness.

  2, Zhishi ginkgo porridge, 30 grams of ginkgo, 10 ginkgo, 30 grams of glutinous rice.

Remove the ginkgo husks, add the simmered rice and glutinous rice to the pot and add water to cook the porridge.

The prescription can treat kidney disease with spleen deficiency and dampness, urinary turbidity, and a large amount of protein excreted in urine, which can be consumed for a long time.

  3, 50 grams of black beans stewed pork black beans, 100 grams of lean meat.

Put the pork in the water and boil it, then stew it with black beans, add the right amount of condiments, and eat the soup after cooking.

This prescription has kidney tonic, diuretic and spleen strengthening effects.

  4. Anchovy bream porridge with bonito (scaling and viscera), 6 grams of rush and 50 grams of rice.

Add the same ingredients and cook into porridge.

Go to rushes and eat porridge and fish.

Has the role of water and protein supplements.

  5, wolfberry porridge 30 grams of wolfberry, previous rice 50 grams.

The two things are cooked into porridge, and eaten sooner or later.

With kidney and spleen, eliminate proteinuria.

How can we create a good mood when we are busy

How can we create a good mood when we are busy

Introduction: As people’s life becomes more and more stressful, everyone will have a different mood every day. It is precisely the moon that is cloudy and sunny, people who are happy, angry and sad, and fickle.

But in the busy period, it is impossible for us to cry and cry, and to laugh when we want to laugh.

So how do we face the pressure and adjust our own mood?

  The so-called good mood is the positive emotional state in psychology, which has a great impact on people.

The direct effect is an endocrine effect.

  Many studies have confirmed that both positive and negative emotions cause changes in neuroendocrine and immune functions.

People who are often in positive emotions can maintain the balance of endocrine and the coordination of body functions, and can also enhance their immunity. The expression on the face is ruddy and radiant.

  In addition, good or bad mood will affect facial muscles.

Human expression is directly affected by emotions, and it is difficult to hide and control.

For example, when a person is unhappy, his eyebrows will wrinkle subconsciously, the skin muscles become stiff, and the corners of his mouth slip.

Over time, a “bitter gourd face” is formed-such a face often makes people feel stressed.

  Conversely, if a person is constantly in pleasure, the expression becomes stretched, peaceful and complicated.

This is why, although some people’s facial features are not outstanding, they are very pleasing to the eye.

American psychologists have even found that listening to cheerful and beautiful music can make children look more beautiful.

All these are the effects of positive emotions.

  The most fundamental effect of good mood on people is in behavior.

When a person is in a good mood, he will show more affinity, friendliness and tolerance, plus charm, and naturally more popular.

When a person is in a bad mood, he becomes more sensitive and aggressive.

Therefore, people would rather accept the carefree “stupid silly” rather than approach the talented “cold Xi Shi”.

  Good mood creation method 1, laugh first and then be happy Many people think that people can only laugh if they are happy first.

However, psychological research has confirmed that human behavior can also affect emotions in turn.

In other words, people can laugh first and then be happy again.

Don’t believe it, you can try it.

Lie down or sit in a chair with eyes closed, a smile on your face and an upturned corner of your mouth, and you will feel a sense of peace and joy.

  2. Pay more attention to happy things. We receive a lot of different emotional stimuli every day, and these emotional stimuli can only form an emotional experience when they are concerned.

For the same thing, paying attention to the good side will produce positive emotions; paying attention to the bad side will produce negative emotions.

Some people are happier because they pay more attention to positive messages in the environment.

  3. Exercising the body will release exciting substances, endorphins, which can effectively eliminate slight depression and fear.

We often have the experience that it is almost desperate to worry about something, but after the exercise, there is “no reason” to have confidence again, and think that things are not so bad.

  4. Caring for others scientifically proves that good interpersonal relationship has very important positive significance for human emotions.

When caring for others, my mood will become tolerant and friendly.

Talk to people sincerely and help the weak. This will not only help improve your mood, but also earn back friendship. Why not do it?

  Xiaobian’s warm reminder: lie down, or sit in a chair, eyes closed, smile, face upturned, you will feel a sense of peace and joy at this time.

6 tips for skin care during the 11th Golden Week


Eleven Golden Week Travel Skincare Tips

The beautiful “11th” long holiday is finally coming, and the beauties must be contemplating where to travel.

But no matter where you go, you must take good care of your skin, so that you can take more photos and have fun.

Here are 6 tips for skin care during the “Eleventh” holiday, which will ensure that you will be more glamorous during the long vacation.

  Tip 1: Sunscreen products are absolutely indispensable. Don’t think that the sun in autumn is not too great, so you don’t need sunscreen. Ultraviolet rays can damage our skin at any time.

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn, winter, sunny or cloudy, outdoor activities must be remembered to apply sunscreen cream to prevent ultraviolet rays, prevent pigmentation, and reduce the appearance of premature skin aging.

  Tip 2: Makeup removal and cleaning are not wrong. Everyone knows that makeup removal is very important. After makeup or sun protection, makeup removal is necessary to relieve the burden on the skin. At the same time, pay attention to clean the skin and let the skin rest and absorb nutrients better.
Therefore, even if you are traveling, you cannot ignore this point. It is recommended to bring a bottle of makeup remover and cleanser underneath, so that you can remove makeup and clean both, which is very convenient.

  Tip 3: The top priority of moisturizing skin care is because the autumn is high and the air is refreshing, the soil and water are not satisfied or the hot and cold are alternated. Not only the facial skin is dehydrated, but even the skin of both hands and the body has entered a “dehydration” emergency state, so it is best to travelPrepare a moisturizing skin cream for the face and body to replenish moisture to tight skin at any time.

  Tip 4: It is necessary to pack a hydrating mask because the skin needs to re-adapt to a new environment that is different at any time or humidity, so the skin is particularly easy to dry every time you travel.

At this time, the moisturizing mask is a good saviour. It is best to apply a moisturizing mask immediately on the night when you travel off the plane to give the skin full moisture instantly.

In addition, the film packs are sold out at the end of the year, which is convenient and practical, and is a good partner for travel.

  Tip 5: Perennial UV lip balm lip balm can be said to be a must-have makeup product for ladies all year round, let alone traveling abroad.

However, due to the special nature of outbound weather, it is recommended to add a lip balm with sun protection and high moisture content to protect and moisturize our delicate lips at all times.

  Tip 6: Carry a Moisturizing Spray With You Wherever you go, a moisturizing spray with you is essential.

Autumn weather is especially prone to dry the skin. If you need to fly, it will be dry and dry, and the face oil will be very much, so it is best to spray the face with a moisturizing spray from time to time, and immediately pat the face gently for moistureCan be absorbed by the skin.

A small bottle of moisturizing spray is easy to use and can replenish skin’s moisture anytime, anywhere.