Child healthy weight loss recipe tomato corn soup


Child healthy weight loss recipe tomato corn soup

It is not easy to give birth to a child, and a healthy baby is born. The family is very happy. However, excessive care for the children and eating too many snacks for the children are becoming more and more common.

Therefore, many parents and friends want to know the children’s weight loss diet, let’s take a look at the way children are healthy and lose weight.

銆€銆€Children’s weight loss recipe 1, tomato corn soup First, add the cut into small pieces of corn into the pot, then put the sliced tomatoes into the soup, add a small amount of salt.

Wait until the tomato is boiled and ready to eat.

Corn and tomatoes contain not only a lot of vitamins, but also a variety of nutrients, which are very suitable for children who lose weight.

銆€銆€2, Huanren Tang first soaked the washed red beans and mung beans and coix seed with water and soaked for one night.

Wait until the next day, add the right amount of water to the pot, then put the green beans and red beans and coix seed into the pot and boil over high heat.

Then use a small fire to simmer, so that all the beans are softened and cooked, and then added with sugar to taste.

It should be noted that you must not add too much sugar to your child, which will not have any effect on weight loss, and may become fat.

銆€銆€The above two are the more common children’s weight loss recipes.

In addition, if you want to slowly slim down your child, you must control your child’s snacks and encourage your child to exercise. Normal parents can also accompany their children to do some fun exercise programs, climbing and playing, so that they can achieve better.The weight loss effect.

How to quickly get into deep sleep?


Deep sleep in the fourth stage

How to quickly get into deep sleep?
Deep sleep in the fourth stage

The International Academy of Sleep Medicine divides sleep into five stages: sleep, shallow sleep, deep sleep, deep sleep and fast eye movement. We have to go through 5-6 times a night, each cycle is maintained at 60.Minutes – 90 minutes.

In the sleep period and the shallow sleep period, our brain still has the consciousness that it is in a stage of drowsiness, and the two sleep periods have little effect on relieving fatigue, and the latter three stages are what we call depth.Sleeping state, generally in this period, people are not awake, also known as the “golden sleep” period.

Deep sleep accounts for only 25% of the overall sleep time, but plays a more important role.

Scientific research proves that midnight to 3 am is the best time for the human body to naturally enter deep sleep. This stage is also a crucial period for us to restore our strength and enhance immunity, so the quality of sleep is directly related to the state of deep sleep.

So how can we better achieve deep sleep in our lives?

First of all, don’t eat at 2 hours before going to bed. At night, it is the time for detoxification of various organs. If you eat late, then each organ is busy digesting your dinner. You will feel tired when you wake up in the morning.

Also be careful not to eat potatoes, cheese and other foods, these foods can easily lead to insomnia, remember not to take caffeine and other drinks before going to bed.

Then, before you fall asleep, keep your body in a relaxed state, such as taking a bath, or soaking your feet, which will give us some fatigue and fatigue.

Because when we soak our feet, our blood vessels will expand and the epidermis will turn red. This shows that when we use hot water to soak our feet, it accelerates the blood circulation of the footsteps, causing more blood to flow to the peripheral blood vessels of the lower limbs, so that the blood flow in the brain is relatively reduced.Make us sleepy.

In fact, it is a warm and comfortable sleeping environment that has a great impact on the quality of sleep. We should turn off the TV set and put on the curtains before going to sleep. The lighting should be relatively soft and not too bright.

The bedroom should be the quietest place in the house, so the decoration inside is best, the color is not too exaggerated, you can put some soothing music, prepare some herbs, and of course, the companion of Simmons mattress, the comfortable environmentMay help us get to sleep quickly.

In deep sleep, the metabolism of organs and organs in the human body is the slowest, which helps the cultivation of tissues and organs, and also helps the energy reserve after waking up.

Sleeping well at night, the next day can be full of energy to face work and life, I hope all friends can have a good sleep.

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How to make up after staying up late?

Sleeping after 23 o’clock for a long time, be careful of these 7 places in the body, make up more and no more sleep and snoring = sleep well?

Beware of this happening!

Reasonable and reasonable to shape the full body


Reasonable and reasonable to shape the full body


A wide variety of foods: a wide variety of nutrients to ensure a complete range of nutrients.

The very scientific understanding in the “Yellow Emperor’s Canon” clearly pointed out that “the grain is for raising, the five fruits are for help, the five animals are for benefit, and the five dishes are for filling”, which replaces the respective nutritional effects of “grain and fruit vegetables”.

This is a summary of our ancestral diet experience and is in line with modern nutrition science.

We must know that our body needs dozens of nutrients, and no one can satisfy this need alone. Therefore, a single food can cause malnutrition.


Food thickness: Some people think that the finer the food, the better, so the rice should be polished, the surface should be white, and the dishes should be tender.

I don’t know that many grains are processed more and more nutrient loss.

Scientific analysis proves that the vitamins and minerals in rice and wheat crops are mainly contained in the husk.

The content of protein in the white flour is also higher than that of the kernel and rice.

In vegetables, leaves and roots are often rich in nutrients, but some people only pick tender and eat, and throw away the root leaves, which is both wasteful and not conducive to body building.


In addition, in order to stimulate appetite, you should also pay attention to food color, fragrance, taste, shape adjustment, how to pay attention to methods when casting.

Usually try to eat less fried, fried and spicy, sour, cold and other foods that are not easily digested and absorbed, especially aromatic, hot, spicy products such as lemon, sour plum, pepper, kimchi, ginger, garlic, onion, andShrimp, crab and other foods that help to spread the fire should be eaten as little as possible or not.


Food distribution should be reasonable: the percentage of the diet structure that is ideal for lean people is 15%-18% of the volume of the protein, and adults account for 20%-30% of the volume, only 55%-60% of the volume.

Experiments have shown that thin people use 4-5 meals a day.

Breakfast should account for 25%-30% of the total heat of the day, lunch should account for 30%-35% of the total heat of the day, dinner should account for 25%-30% of the total heat of the day, plus meals should account for the total heat of the day5%-10%.

In addition, the cooking and processing of food should also be scientific.

銆€銆€In general, the rich nutrients, scientific and reasonable supplementary structure and adjustment, help the thinners achieve the purpose of vigorous bodybuilding in the serial.

How do middle-aged and elderly people judge whether the amount of exercise is excessive?


How do middle-aged and elderly people judge whether the amount of exercise is excessive?

When middle-aged and old friends are doing physical exercise, they often suffer from physical discomfort due to poor control of exercise.

Therefore, it is very important to control the amount of exercise.

Below we introduce some methods to the middle-aged and old friends to judge whether the amount of exercise is excessive.


Controlled by heart rate: calmness can be restored within half an hour after exercise, heart rate, respiratory rate and emotional state can be restored to the level before exercise.

In the case of heart implantation, if the amount of exercise is too large, the heart rate is 6-9 times / 10 seconds faster than before the exercise within five to ten minutes after the end of the exercise, and the calm cannot be completely restored within half an hour, which indicates that the exercise amount is too large.

Should be adjusted, like chatting with the surrounding exercisers, exchange exercise experience, etc., to reduce the amount of exercise.


Controlled by mental state: After exercise, it is still full of energy, full of energy, no sleepy, no adverse effects on study and work.

On the contrary, if the spirit is sluggish, tired, dizzy, and dazzled, it means that the amount of exercise is too large.


Control by the amount of sweating exercise: exercise to the extent of just sweating or sweating.

Not sweating indicates that the amount of exercise is insufficient, and sweating indicates that the amount of exercise is too large.


Controlled by the diet after exercise: In general, the appetite is good after exercise, and the food intake is also increased. If the appetite decreases, the food intake decreases, indicating that the exercise volume is too large.


Controlled by work efficiency: Through physical exercise, the physical fitness of middle-aged and old friends is enhanced, memory is enhanced, and the efficiency of learning and work is improved, indicating that the amount of exercise is just right.

If the body is thin, sick, learning and work efficiency decline, it means that the exercise amount of exercise is not appropriate, and the amount of exercise should be adjusted in time.

銆€銆€The above is to introduce some specific methods to control the amount of exercise to middle-aged and old friends. You may wish to try it, maybe it will help your physical exercise.

Sanjiu moxibustion


Sanjiu moxibustion

With the rise of the winter solstice, the coldest three or nine days of the year are about to come. At this time, both nature and the human body have begun to enter the state of yang, and the state of yin and anger is declining.Complications of a variety of debilitating colds such as respiratory diseases and joint pains or exacerbations.

The Chinese medicine “Nei Jing” has: “spring and summer Yang, autumn and winter nourish Yin”, “summer support three volts, winter make up three nine” said.

The winter solstice health is not just a daily feeding of ingredients. In fact, the moxibustion therapy is also a good choice for cold and warm winter and disease prevention and health care.

Experts reminded that accepting the moxibustion therapy will help Wenyang to dispel cold, improve disease resistance, relieve symptoms and reduce the onset of disease.

銆€銆€”This traditional moxibustion method has always been the coldest day of the year, with the application of a special acupoint to the Xinwen drug, so that the body’s yang is more abundant and the cold resistance is enhanced.

Experts say that the three-ninth day moxibustion is a continuation and supplement of the summer “three-day moxibustion” treatment and health care, generally starting from the winter solstice day, once every 9 days, in principle, a course of treatment 3 times, in order to strengthen and consolidate the effect can be appropriately increased1 time.

銆€銆€According to the disease type of virtual application “three-nine moxibustion this year, we will establish a diagnostic area for rhinitis, surgery for false and physical syndrome differentiation, for the virtual, real patients with different formulations, different points of application.

Experts told reporters that through a large number of sample studies, it is better to distinguish between “virtual and virtual” symptoms of rhinitis and hypertensive patients.

銆€銆€When it comes to curative effect, experts are especially good at it. Tian Moxibustion is used to treat the surface of acupoints by drugs, to regulate the meridians and meridians to improve immunity, and to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases. Therefore, if it is not for one year, if it can continue to accept one for three consecutive years.In the winter and summer, the twice-day moxibustion treatment can effectively enhance the body’s immune function, inhibit allergic conditions, improve disease resistance, and eliminate the symptoms of respiratory diseases and joint pain.

He also specially reminded that patients with chronic diseases generally have better prescriptions from 11:00 am to 1 pm, so the body’s yang is more prosperous, and the drug is easy to recover and penetrate into the body, which can produce better curative effect.

銆€銆€Tips: indications for moxibustion: bronchial dialysis, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic pharyngitis, body weakness and colds and other respiratory diseases; chronic inflammation, chronic diarrhea, indigestion and other digestive diseases; rheumatism and rheumatoidArthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, neck and shoulder pain, chest and abdominal pain and other pain syndrome.

銆€銆€Taboo population: pregnant women, malignant tumors, active tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, strong allergies, acute pharyngitis, colds and fever, infectious diseases, etc.; children with less than 2 years old are cautious because of the delicate skin of children.

Son died, want to see grandson rejected


Son died, want to see grandson rejected

Editor: My son was killed in a car accident three years ago, and his son left us a grandson.

Before my daughter-in-law remarried, my wife and I went to visit my grandson. She smiled and smiled.

But since she remarried last year, she will not let our old couple visit their grandchildren.

Excuse me: My son has passed away. Do we have a visit to the grandson who lives with her mother?

銆€銆€Reader Ma Ren’s answer: Shen Yanqun, a lawyer of Xingtong Law Firm, answered that the right to visit is a new addition after the revision of the Marriage Law. It refers to the visit of the minor children who are not directly raising their children after the divorce., meeting, socializing, and the right to live together in the short term.

However, the provisions of the Supreme Law on the right to visit have not been perfected. Article 38 of the Marriage Law stipulates that after divorce, the parent who does not directly raise the child has the right to visit the child and the other party has the obligation to assist.

When the right to visit is exercised, the time is included in the agreement, and when the agreement is not met, the people’s court decides.

銆€銆€Lawyers explained that regarding the Marriage Law and related judicial interpretations, all the persons exercising the right to visit are parents of parents, and there is no direct right to visit relatives of grandparents, grandparents and other relatives.

If grandparents or grandparents are suspected of visiting the grandchildren or grandchildren, although they are reasonable, there is no legal basis. Even if the readers are suing the court, the petition requesting the right to visit will only be rejected.

Although the old readers are not the subject of legal visitation rights, they are direct relatives of blood relations.

If they visit the grandson who lives with their mother for a long time, they will not only lose their family, but it will definitely be a great psychological harm to them.

銆€銆€Article 7 of the National General Principles of the Civil Law stipulates that civil activities shall properly abide by social morality and shall not harm the public interest.

Under the essence of the death of the son, the reader can obtain the right to visit the grandson who lives with her mother through negotiation.

Lawyers said that grandparents or grandparents should consider the child’s father or mother’s feelings when exercising the intergenerational visitation rights. They should not be too frequent in the number of visits and visits. In general, they often visit winter and summer vacations or other holidays.

Gastrointestinal performance, daily care, how to care


Gastrointestinal performance, daily care, how to care

At present, about 90% of the population has insufficient calcium intake, only half of the recommended value.

Calcium deficiency can lead to hypertension, which is a sudden disease that everyone knows. It is because the characteristics of this disease are special, so it often poses a great threat to the life safety of patients.How do patients care in their daily lives?

We together look.

(1) Family members should try to make the patient’s mood stable and avoid all kinds of stimuli, so as not to cause nervous anxiety and aggravate the condition.

(2) The air in the home should be fresh, the sun should be filled, and the environment should be quiet.

For patients with symptoms of phobia, patients with a slightly higher indoor temperature and heavy fever should be prevented from consuming gas, indoors should not be too dry, and air humidification is better.

No smoking indoors.

(3) The diet that the patient eats is not too good, too acidic, too hard, too spicy and dry, and greasy.

It is light and nutritious and easy to digest.

Use plenty of tea to rinse your mouth daily to keep your mouth clean.

(4) Attention to observe acute attacks and duration, predisposing factors, systemic symptoms such as body temperature, pulse, sputum nature, and the number and nature of urination of the ambassador, tell the doctor promptly.

For those who have timing, they should take the medicine one hour before the sudden.

This often stops bleeding.

(5) Patients with severe hypertension should take a semi-recumbent position. If conditions permit, they can also receive oxygen.

Always pay attention to keep the airway open, if necessary, acupuncture the sky, sputum, gas and other points.

Many people want to help with sputum.

Sometimes you can choose your spray according to your doctor’s advice.

Yangjinhua spray, Manshanhong spray, etc. can dissolve the anti-asthmatic Chinese medicine.

Do not feel free to suppress cough.

(6) Once the patient is found to have a long period of suffocation, sorrow, irritability, pain, or difficulty in lying down, face bruising, a lot of foam in the mouth, should be immediately rescued by the hospital, after the danger, and then re-cultivated.

In the rehabilitation of acute diseases, you can carry out some slow outdoor activities, such as breathing exercises, fitness walks, etc., but avoid excessive fatigue.

Our experts have put forward some suggestions for daily care for hypertensive patients. In addition, experts especially remind family members that in daily life, we must pay more attention to the emotional changes of patients, and must not stimulate patients to prevent the disease from worsening.The damage caused by the patient’s body.