Heartache is a spinal disease?

Alert rib rib inflammation

“Heartache” is a spinal disease?

Alert rib rib inflammation

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In the hospital’s cardiology department, there are often patients who come to see a doctor because of “pain area pain, radiation to the shoulders”. They all suspect that they are angina and have an electrocardiogram. The results show no abnormalities.

It is not a heart disease, but it is painful and painless. The cause can not be found. This has caused great inconvenience and pain to the patient’s life.

If you have similar symptoms, but no heart disease, you need to go to the orthopedics, it is very likely to be rib inflammation.

Ribitis, also known as Tieze’s disease, is a rib inflammatory lesion that occurs at the junction of the rib and the sternum. It is generally classified into non-vertical rib inflammation and infectious rib inflammation.

The most common is non-skeletal rib inflammation, which occurs in the second side of the sternum?
4 ribs, the second rib is the most common, mostly in 25?
35-year-old adults, mostly women.

Infectious ribitis is the cause of surgical infections, and it is very rare. It will not be described in detail here.

The initial manifestation of nonfatal rib inflammation is local pain in the chest wall. After a few days, there are swelling and bulging, deep breathing, coughing, chest and other activities and pain after fatigue.

Some people have more acute morbidity, can feel tingling, jumping or soreness in the fracture; some are suddenly slow, and unconsciously feel the swelling of the sternum and rib joint is arched, accompanied by insufficient pain.

The degree of pain in ribs is not equal, it is easy to repeat, the duration of the disease varies, and it can heal itself in months or years.

Similar symptoms need to distinguish between chest pain in patients with partial acute exacerbations of cardiac colic, and even radiation to the dorsal shoulder or ipsilateral shoulder arm, arm socket, similar to the symptoms of angina.

However, cardiac colic usually does not show “expressive tenderness and swelling of the chest”. After sublingual nitroglycerin, the symptoms can be relieved quickly. It can also be distinguished by performing an electrocardiogram and observing whether there is myocardial ischemia.

Intercostal neuralgia also has symptoms of retinal pain, but the pain is usually the distribution of intercostal nerves, consistent with the direction of the ribs.

Taking drugs for the treatment of neuralgia such as carbamazepine can be effectively relieved, while the local part of rib inflammation is limited, local swelling and tenderness are obvious, and it is aggravated after activity or fatigue. It is effective with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs.

Female patients with breast disease who are experiencing pain due to pain may be mistaken for breast cancer.

However, initial breast disease, often can be found in the breast lumps or cord crystals, or the skin has local skin redness and other symptoms.

In addition, rib inflammation can be differentially diagnosed by the following examination: B-ultrasound can show rib swelling and bilateral contrast observation swelling; CT examination can show the swelling and ossification of the fracture site well; MRI (MRI) can showActive inflammatory changes in bone, cartilage, synovium and bone marrow.

Infection, strain is the cause, the cause of warming and preventing rib inflammation is still unclear. Many patients have a history of viral upper respiratory tract infection before onset. Therefore, the occurrence of this disease may be related to viral infection, and may also be associated with thoracic ligament.Chronic strain, various causes of rib dystrophy and tuberculosis, systemic malnutrition, acute bacterial upper respiratory tract infection, rheumatoid arthritis, thoracolumbar joint subluxation, and minor impact injuries, severe cough and other injuries.

I often feel the cold in my life, and the posture of lifting heavy objects is not correct. I use excessive force and partial eclipse. People who are malnourished may be more susceptible to this disease.

Should pay attention to changing bad habits, focus on prevention: 1 when the weather turns cold should pay attention to keep warm, add clothing in time.

In the flu season, the bedroom should be ventilated to avoid exposure to the flu population and vaccination if necessary.

2 can often carry out sports activities to enhance their resistance.

Exercise should pay attention to preparation activities to avoid sports injuries; after exercise sweat can not be undressed immediately to avoid cold.

3 Avoid staying up late and working hard.

When working, pay attention to enhance the awareness of protection, move the heavy object posture correctly, do not use too much force, try to reduce the wound activity, prevent the damage of the thoracic ribs and ligaments.

4 should eat more fruits and vegetables and foods that enhance the body’s immune function, avoid spicy stimulation, cold and greasy and not easy to digest food.

Ribitis generally does not require treatment and can heal itself, but it still needs to be replenished to avoid the above factors that aggravate the symptoms of pain.

TCM conditioning is mainly based on syndrome differentiation. It is generally seen that qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by trauma, liver qi stagnation type, and phlegm block type, so the treatment is mainly based on qi, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which should be prescribed by a clinician.

Patients with ribitis can also relieve pain by massage, external application of drugs (or external application of Huoxue Zhitong cream, etc.), or receive physiotherapy such as hot compress.

It should be noted that regardless of the symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for treatment, and should not diagnose and take the medicine yourself.