How to stay away from used acne?

How to stay away from “used” acne?

Hemorrhoids are a relatively mild disease compared to lethal diseases such as some horrible cancers.
However, clinically, recurrence of acne and difficulty in eradicating many patients are also annoying.
Have you heard of “used” acne?
Maybe you haven’t heard it yet, but you may be experiencing it.
銆€銆€Experts pointed out that the so-called “second-hand” hemorrhoids mainly refers to patients who have suffered from anorectal diseases, due to misdiagnosis and mistreatment, incomplete treatment or improper operation, etc., resulting in recurrence of the disease or serious complications and sequelae.
銆€銆€At present, according to relevant data, clinically, about 60% of patients with anorectal diseases belong to the “second-hand” disease type.
Many patients are ill-treated because of the neglect of hemorrhoids. After treatment, or have received irregular treatment, it is difficult to cure acne.
Soon after, there were symptoms of recurrent episodes such as stool bleeding and anal edema.
銆€銆€Why do “second-hand” acne repeatedly invade?
銆€銆€In this regard, experts say that hemorrhoids itself is a disease that is difficult to cure. It should be considered by various factors such as environmental changes, weather changes, living habits and treatment methods.
At the same time, daily care is also very important.
At present, the high incidence of second-hand acne is based on the following reasons.
銆€銆€1. Due to improper care of oneself.
For acne patients who have just been “healed”, if you don’t pay attention and continue to maintain bad habits in the past, such as long staying up late, do not like to drink water, eat spicy food, etc., it is likely to break out of hemorrhoids again.
銆€銆€2, surgical treatment is not thorough.
For the treatment, it needs to be different from person to person and treated by disease. However, the treatment of the disease is also affected by various factors such as treatment equipment, doctor’s treatment, and surgical treatment.
Therefore, the selection of professional hospitals for specialized treatment is the root of the cure for acne.
銆€銆€3, self-purchasing drugs blind treatment.
Because acne is a minor illness and has a part of privacy, many people prefer to believe in advertising or buy drugs on their own.
However, for acne, the type of acne is different, and the degree of disease is different. Different treatment options should be selected, and patients often do not understand this. Blind medication can only lead to counterproductive effects.