Sanjiu moxibustion


Sanjiu moxibustion

With the rise of the winter solstice, the coldest three or nine days of the year are about to come. At this time, both nature and the human body have begun to enter the state of yang, and the state of yin and anger is declining.Complications of a variety of debilitating colds such as respiratory diseases and joint pains or exacerbations.

The Chinese medicine “Nei Jing” has: “spring and summer Yang, autumn and winter nourish Yin”, “summer support three volts, winter make up three nine” said.

The winter solstice health is not just a daily feeding of ingredients. In fact, the moxibustion therapy is also a good choice for cold and warm winter and disease prevention and health care.

Experts reminded that accepting the moxibustion therapy will help Wenyang to dispel cold, improve disease resistance, relieve symptoms and reduce the onset of disease.

銆€銆€”This traditional moxibustion method has always been the coldest day of the year, with the application of a special acupoint to the Xinwen drug, so that the body’s yang is more abundant and the cold resistance is enhanced.

Experts say that the three-ninth day moxibustion is a continuation and supplement of the summer “three-day moxibustion” treatment and health care, generally starting from the winter solstice day, once every 9 days, in principle, a course of treatment 3 times, in order to strengthen and consolidate the effect can be appropriately increased1 time.

銆€銆€According to the disease type of virtual application “three-nine moxibustion this year, we will establish a diagnostic area for rhinitis, surgery for false and physical syndrome differentiation, for the virtual, real patients with different formulations, different points of application.

Experts told reporters that through a large number of sample studies, it is better to distinguish between “virtual and virtual” symptoms of rhinitis and hypertensive patients.

銆€銆€When it comes to curative effect, experts are especially good at it. Tian Moxibustion is used to treat the surface of acupoints by drugs, to regulate the meridians and meridians to improve immunity, and to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases. Therefore, if it is not for one year, if it can continue to accept one for three consecutive years.In the winter and summer, the twice-day moxibustion treatment can effectively enhance the body’s immune function, inhibit allergic conditions, improve disease resistance, and eliminate the symptoms of respiratory diseases and joint pain.

He also specially reminded that patients with chronic diseases generally have better prescriptions from 11:00 am to 1 pm, so the body’s yang is more prosperous, and the drug is easy to recover and penetrate into the body, which can produce better curative effect.

銆€銆€Tips: indications for moxibustion: bronchial dialysis, allergic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic pharyngitis, body weakness and colds and other respiratory diseases; chronic inflammation, chronic diarrhea, indigestion and other digestive diseases; rheumatism and rheumatoidArthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, neck and shoulder pain, chest and abdominal pain and other pain syndrome.

銆€銆€Taboo population: pregnant women, malignant tumors, active tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, strong allergies, acute pharyngitis, colds and fever, infectious diseases, etc.; children with less than 2 years old are cautious because of the delicate skin of children.