Four kinds of vegetables are good for spring health


Four kinds of vegetables are good for spring health

Some vegetables are good for spring health. As the saying goes, the year is spring. Are you planning for your spring diet?

The following four kinds of vegetables are good for spring health and should be eaten more.

The bean sprouts prevent dry mouth and dry lips. The spring climate is dry, and it is prone to symptoms such as dry mouth and dry mouth. The bean sprouts are delicious and are a good choice for nourishing and moistening, clearing away heat and detoxification.

Whether it is bean sprouts or mung bean sprouts, following the classification of the original beans, their vitamin content increases, mineral utilization increases, and proteins and microparticles are more easily absorbed.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, eating spring bean sprouts can help the five internal organs turn from winter to spring, which is conducive to liver qi, spleen and stomach.

There are many ways to eat bean sprouts, which can be used after boiling water, soup, and can also be used as a hot pot.

The dish can be supplemented with calcium, although it has not really warmed up, but the most cold-resistant leeks have already been listed.

Amaranth is rich in nutrients, and its vitamin C, carotenoids and various minerals are high in content. Especially worth mentioning is that its calcium content is nearly three times that of the same quality milk.

Amaranth also has a certain medicinal value, which traditional medicine believes can be used to treat diseases such as dysentery, enteritis, and stomach ulcers.

Amaranth can be used to make stuffing, or it can be drowned after boiling water, egg, soup and porridge.

Lettuce anti-allergic lettuce, also known as “spring vegetables”, is one of the most suitable vegetables for spring.

Lettuce is rich in vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and fiber supplements.

Japanese studies have found that certain substances in lettuce can resist rhinitis caused by allergies in spring and can alleviate the pain of allergic patients.

Lettuce can be used as a salad, grilled, fried, and processed pickled pickles, kimchi, etc.

Amaranth improves resistance Although it is edible all year round, it is the best in early spring.

The fiber of leek growth hormone can promote the peristalsis in the body and effectively prevent the occurrence of habitual constipation and colorectal cancer.

Amaranth is warm, so eating in the spring can improve yang, improve people’s immunity, especially those who are cold and cold on the hands and feet do not hinder eating more leek.

There are many ways to eat leek, scrambled eggs with leek, or lean pork with leek is a good choice, but not everyone is suitable for eating leek, mouth sores, sore throat and liver fire are best to eat less.