Gastrointestinal performance, daily care, how to care


Gastrointestinal performance, daily care, how to care

At present, about 90% of the population has insufficient calcium intake, only half of the recommended value.

Calcium deficiency can lead to hypertension, which is a sudden disease that everyone knows. It is because the characteristics of this disease are special, so it often poses a great threat to the life safety of patients.How do patients care in their daily lives?

We together look.

(1) Family members should try to make the patient’s mood stable and avoid all kinds of stimuli, so as not to cause nervous anxiety and aggravate the condition.

(2) The air in the home should be fresh, the sun should be filled, and the environment should be quiet.

For patients with symptoms of phobia, patients with a slightly higher indoor temperature and heavy fever should be prevented from consuming gas, indoors should not be too dry, and air humidification is better.

No smoking indoors.

(3) The diet that the patient eats is not too good, too acidic, too hard, too spicy and dry, and greasy.

It is light and nutritious and easy to digest.

Use plenty of tea to rinse your mouth daily to keep your mouth clean.

(4) Attention to observe acute attacks and duration, predisposing factors, systemic symptoms such as body temperature, pulse, sputum nature, and the number and nature of urination of the ambassador, tell the doctor promptly.

For those who have timing, they should take the medicine one hour before the sudden.

This often stops bleeding.

(5) Patients with severe hypertension should take a semi-recumbent position. If conditions permit, they can also receive oxygen.

Always pay attention to keep the airway open, if necessary, acupuncture the sky, sputum, gas and other points.

Many people want to help with sputum.

Sometimes you can choose your spray according to your doctor’s advice.

Yangjinhua spray, Manshanhong spray, etc. can dissolve the anti-asthmatic Chinese medicine.

Do not feel free to suppress cough.

(6) Once the patient is found to have a long period of suffocation, sorrow, irritability, pain, or difficulty in lying down, face bruising, a lot of foam in the mouth, should be immediately rescued by the hospital, after the danger, and then re-cultivated.

In the rehabilitation of acute diseases, you can carry out some slow outdoor activities, such as breathing exercises, fitness walks, etc., but avoid excessive fatigue.

Our experts have put forward some suggestions for daily care for hypertensive patients. In addition, experts especially remind family members that in daily life, we must pay more attention to the emotional changes of patients, and must not stimulate patients to prevent the disease from worsening.The damage caused by the patient’s body.